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Beat The Indie Drum – 2004-2011

About six months back I had a gut feeling that I would be drafting my concession speech for this music blogging website thing and, well, here I am. Lately it feels like I’m beating a dead horse instead of an … Continue reading


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Big School Records – In Session

  If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr you may have heard (via big announcements) that I’ve decided to fire up my own record label. If not, the logo over to the right might have given it away. … Continue reading

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Psychic Teens

Philadelphia-based Psychic Teens have debuted their digital 7″ single, and while the trio is probably too old to get carded, I definitely want to poke around in their brains after hearing “Yung.” I mean, what on earth possessed them to … Continue reading

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86’d Records

In my backwards brain I always give a bit more credibility to fan labels. There’s just something about them that emits sincerity and fun, and more often than not they’re a place to find a bunch of stuff that would … Continue reading

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Miracle Drugs

Rally Records rarely steers me wrong, so when a new 7″ gets stuck under my nose I perk up and listen. Here we have a single from Miracle Drugs (in the “classic” 2-song format), which could probably stand on it’s … Continue reading

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Hop On Pop

I first came upon the music of Todd Leiter-Weintraub via his humble but promising solo disc, Lo-Fi Is Better Than No-Fi At All, and then again as the honcho of Hop On Pop, producing As Drawn By Ethan, Age 2 … Continue reading

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