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PREMIERE: Chef Menteur


The lads of Chef Menteur are asking for your help in funding their latest album, East Of The Sun & West Of The Moon, on vinyl via Kickstarter. I’ve written about CM before and featured their songs on monthly mixtapes. I first stumbled across their music when I bought a giant lot of ‘indie’ cd’s on eBay years back and this stuck out of the pile so I decided to tackle a review of it and I never looked back. In my opinion CM are one of the most unheralded pioneers of ambience in the past 10 years. Bandmember/multi-instrumentalist, Alec Vance, is also the curator of Backporch Revolution, a label and collective of musicians in the NOLA area specializing in the occult of experimental/psychedelic/unexplainable sounds . I’ve had first glimpse of the new album and it’s a massive, genre-busting supernova of sound. Taken from their Kickstarter page:

:::We wanted to make sure that when trying to release a classic double album, in all its monstrous glory, there were still no excess or throwaway tracks: Just as much time was spent whittling songs down as it was building them up. At least as many songs didn’t make it on the record as those that did in the interest of providing the most conceptually pure experience. This is an epic aural journey, containing songs for lovers of classic psychedelia, space-odyssey synth drones, Warp-records style electronica, krautrock and kosmische, doom drone, hints of early metal, folk-, math-rock and prog-rock sneaking in from time to time as well. “A symphony of space rock” one might even call it..:::

Their funding drive ends in 3 days so please help out with whatever you can – you shan’t be disappointed. If ever there were music meant to be immortalized on wax, this is it. I chipped in a cool 50, which earns you the double LP plus a test pressing, compliments of the sick United Pressing promo. Check out a track and video from East below as well as a few bonus songs from their 2 (outstanding) previous LP’s.

I Belong To This Plateau (from 2011’s East Of The Sun & West of The Moon)


I.E.D. (from 2008’s The Answer’s In Forgetting)

W.A.S.T.E. (from 2005’s We Await Silently Tristero’s Empire)

Chef MenteurIIl obstrue ma vue de Vénus



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Easy Mac

Lindsay Mac plays her cello like a guitar – is this fairly bad-ass or is it just me? She also sounds very much like Ani Difranco – who, yes, I do enjoy on occasion.

More good stuff on the way tomorrow…

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BTID Is The Shit and You’re Knee-Deep In It

I’m sure it’s old news but had I heard Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Flight last year it easily would have been a top 3 album for 2008. I took a lengthy hiatus away from new music in ’08 and I’m starting to regret it, though many of my music colleagues deemed it a throwaway year. Rife with tales of love-lost, bitterness and haughty indifference, the album reminds me of Malcolm Middleton’s (Arab Strap) great self-deprecating work on all 4 of his solo albums. Call me a sucker for that brutally honest Scot accent. Below are 2 live acoustic renditions of songs found on TMOF. You’ll also be seeing them on the April mix, fo’ sho.


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The Nightwatchman

The Nightwatchman – Road I Must Travel

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Lasse Lindh

Lasse Lindh – Svenska Hjärtan

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Elephant Parade

Elephant Parade – Goodbye

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