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The Wiggly Tendrils: Tendrils In Space

It goes without saying that every time word of a new Wiggly Tendrils release hits the streets my hearing aid senses crackle with anticipation. TW Tendrils (Conor, to his mother) hinted at something special a few months ago regarding spaceships and NASA and contests. Considering I’ve always been a closeted space-time continuum/Schr√∂dingers cat/dark-matter kinda guy, the aforementioned anticipation begat nervous energy. So it pleases me greatly to present to you one of the most talented musical collectives performing songs they wrote in hopes of making the cut to be played for the astronauts on the final Endeavor space shuttle launch. On Feb. 14th a panel of judges will narrow down the over 1300 submissions to a shortlist which will hopefully undoubtedly contain at least one of the tracks from Tendrils In Space.

So don your jet-packs and boost yourselves over here to grab a neatly-packaged zip file or, if you prefer gravity boots, stream/download the individual tracks below.

01. The ParentsThe Human Adventure

02. D.E. HealeyTop Of The Morning

03. Sabertooth ManBlue Osiris

04. Daytime LightsBouncing Around The Moon

05. RachelintreesWake Up And Smell The Space

06. B.T. NookTerrestrial Pioneers

07. T.W. TendrilsThe Engineers, The Lovers and The Loons

08. The PotlucksIn The Morning

For more details including lyrics and credits see the official release page (there’s also a Bandcamp page). Additionally, you should visit the WT website to request a song via e-mail or phone and download the entire back catalog.


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Saying ‘Hi’

It’s about that time to update everyone on a few happenings here in the BTID camp. I will be relocating back to the Fishtown/Northern Liberties of Philly in late March. Why is this important, you wonder? It means more live music, copious amounts of craft beer, more networking and interaction with local musicians and participation in events/charities/etc. After a while I might be able to forge BTID into a bona fide source for news and discussion on a wide variety of topics as opposed to just ‘some guy’ dropping in to post mixes and one-liner reviews on occasion. I’m totally psyched to get a second crack at the city. I’ve been there before but it was in a more tumultuous (read: broke and hectic) period of my life. The commute to work (King Of Prussia area) forced me out into the suburbs 3 years ago but ever since I’ve felt like I’ve been on the outside looking in, sacrificing quality of life for convenience I suppose. So if you are in the area and want to meet up for beers, band practice or shows – holler.

For example, I released a Capstan Shafts EP over 5 years ago when Dean was still pumping minute-and-a-half jams into a boom-box and I have STILL not had a chance to catch up with him live. Granted, he refused to play out during his formative years. That’s all going to change tonight at the M Room as he’s now touring with a full band, fuller sound and critically lauded album out on Rainbow Quartz – home to local favorites The Asteroid #4. At first it was a shock to hear all the songs from the CS canon done up with production and contributions but the melody and storytelling prowess force their way out of the songs no matter how they’re presented – a big part of why I love Dean’s music so dearly. Maybe I can coax him to fire up a Kickstarter campaign to press the fabulous Revelation Skirts to vinyl. I’ll expect you there if you have no plans. Say ‘hi’.

While on the subject of the extended BTID family – The Gifted Children are at it again, releasing free EP’s and shiz. Fallacy Stilts promises a ‘quieter’, subdued affair with more ‘pretty’ and less sonic assaulting. I’ll take this Buffalo/Rochester collective’s music any way they wanna give it to me. I dare you to stream/download the hazy, daydreamy leadoff track below without wanting to press repeat over and over and over again. You can still grab a copy of the 5CD Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter boxed set as well as the One Clear Minute 7″ series straight from their virtual merch table. If times are tough you shouldn’t leave without downloading the free and most excellent Open Windows and Turncoat Spring EP’s here as well as the (*wink wink*) BTID-released Commonwealth Squelch EP here.

The Gifted Children – If The Accident Will

Fellow coal-regionites, Kid Icarus, are following up their smashing 2010 LP (previously pimped here) with a cassette EP on Stress Carrier. But that’s not the only bit of good news – KI have expressed interest in recording an EP to be released right here on the BTID netlabel. I’m not making any promises but I feel this is where my vinyl-pressing career will begin… Check out a few tracks below including the jangly, organ-fueled title track.

Ghost Town Feeling
Spector Road

Last but not least I heard from a little birdy that The Wiggly Tendrils will be readying a new release very soon with an exciting story behind it. This is assuming you didn’t realize there’s an exciting story behind everything they’ve written to date. I’ll leave you with a recent favorite to chew on until then.

The Wiggly Tendrils – The Internet Never Forgets


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The Wiggly Tendrils Present: Spooky Tendrils

The Wiggly Tendrils have once again lent their songwriting savvy to a singular, but precious, theme – Halloween! As was the case with previous releases, all songs were requested from the bands themselves – only this time via the WT voicemail request line – 440.TEN.DRIL Yes, that’s correct, you (or anyone!) can simply call in and request a song based around your parameters. This is essentially the process by which the BTID theme song came to fruition. Way cool!

Download the thrilling start to your fall season in a conveniently packaged zip file with over-sized artwork and lyrics here or stream/download the individual tracks below. It’s waaaaayyy easier than bobbing for apples or running from zombies, ya know.

01. The ParentsWiggle Your Tendrils

02. Daytime LightsCat Castle

03. ThodreyBeware The Gnarrs!

04. ChouetteRibbons

05. Elf Princess Gets A HarleyThe Best Idea

06. Enemy & RobotBecause There’s Nowhere To Go

07. Tropical DancerThe Players In The Piano

08. ScrandWithout Halloween

09. Elf Princess Gets A HarleyYour Pitchfork To My Throat

10. B.T. NookEmergency: Paging Dr. Mario

11. RachelintreesBoo Mitzvah

12. The Gavin ExtractionFrankenstein Song

13. Deirdre and Conor – The Phantom To The Spaceship Said

14. Seripain – Appeal and Concrete Daydream

For more details including lyrics and credits see the official release page.

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BTID-009 The Wiggly Tendrils – Romance In The Executive Branch EP

The Wiggly Tendrils invite you to celebrate Valentines and Presidents Day with them by way of the joys of music and mutual collaboration.

Download today’s history lesson in a conveniently packaged zip file with over-sized artwork and lyrics here or stream/download the individual tracks below.

1. Washington v Lincoln

2. One President At A Time

3. Calvin And Grace

4. Remember The Ladies

5. Ragalovin

6. Dear Martha

7. The Fires Of Mount Vernon

8. Steel and Roses

9. Taft He Lives The Largest

For more details including song request info, lyrics and credits see the official release page.


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BTID-008 The Wiggly Tendrils – A Very Wiggly Winter EP

“Most pop music is written with the masses in mind but the Wiggly Tendrils write songs to address the particular, unique needs of individuals. When you request a song through the form on our website,, it is assigned to a member of our team. Our group of select men and women currently spans four different time zones. As quickly as quality and inspiration allows, the team member who has been entrusted with your request writes and records an original song to your specifications. When the recording is finished your song is posted on the Wiggly Tendrils website where you may stream or download it at your convenience. This service is provided free of charge. The Wiggly Tendrils love writing music and we’d love to write a song just for you.”

The Wiggly Tendrils collective, along with BTID, are proud to announce A Very Wiggly Winter EP. The EP was created using the above-mentioned methodology and promises to give you a warm, tingly feeling all through the holiday season. Please do tell your friends and don’t hesitate to request a song from the group – they don’t bite…unless you ask it of them…

Download all the cheer in a conveniently packaged zip file with lyrics and oversized artwork here or stream/download the individual tracks below.

1. TW Holiday Special

2. Snowbody

3. Sheepish Magnetism

4. Under This Roof

5. Robocation

6. Christmas Morning

7. The Naturalist

8. Old Friends

9. Galena Alaska

-super secret bonus track-

For more details including song request info, lyrics and credits see the official release page.


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Deirdre and Conor – At Our Tiny Dinner Table EP – BTID006

BTID is proud (or happy as a pig in…mud) to announce its latest netlabel release, At Our Tiny Dinner Table, brought to you by Philadelphia’s Deirdre and Conor.¬† Readers of BTID’s previous incarnation might be familiar with Conor’s membership in Chicago’s now-defunct (but still appreciated!) First Coat, who we had the pleasure of saying a few words about here. Deirdre, no stranger to the Hyde Park scene herself, spent time in the Passerines. The two fell in love and found their paths leading them to the Philly area, where they recently married and began writing songs as a collective. At Our Tiny Dinner Table is their first official release together and hopefully not their last. Be sure to check out the video below for the first ‘single’ off the EP!

The news that this would be arriving in my inbox this week set us off on a euphoric wave of glee. It feels great to be getting back into the ‘business’ of releasing music we enjoy and love. 3 years have passed since we had the opportunity to do so. Thank you for continuing to tune in and enjoy the EP + video!

Cover art by Lee Mansfield

Download all songs in a zip file or stream/download individually below.

For a permanent link and a full list of credits and lyrics visit the release page in the Netlabel section.

01 – We Should Self Unite (mp3)

02 – How Are You? (mp3)

03 – Song For The Thrills Of Nuptials(mp3)

04 – Who Knew It Was A Tic(mp3)

05 – Gravity (mp3)

06 – Song For The Seasons Of Our Lives (mp3)


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