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{MIXTAPE} March 2011


Artwork by David Litchfield

Ok, so I lied – the monthly mix continues…at least for now.

Disc One

1. Walter Meegostarlight
(taken from their 2010 release Wondervalley)
2. The Wiggly Tendrilsbeat the indie drum theme song
(recorded upon BTID request!)
3. Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed & The True Loves am i wasting my time?
(taken from their 2008 release Roll With You)
4. Foster The People pumped up kicks
(taken from their 2011 release Foster The People EP)
5. PJ Harvey on battleship hill
(taken from her 2011 release Let England Shake)
6. Cloud Nothings should have
(taken from their 2011 release Cloud Nothings)
7. The Diggs this emphatically
(taken from their 2008 release Ctl-Alt-Del)
8. The Raveonettes forget that you’re young
(taken from their 2011 release Raven In The Grave)
9. Toro y Moi still sound
(taken from his 2011 release Underneath The Pine)
10. Code Pie muddy shoes
(taken from their 2011 release Love Meets Rage)
11. High Highs horses
(released as a digital single only)
12. Astronautalis barrel jumping (man of letters) (daytrotter)
(taken from his 2011 Daytrotter Session)
13. Radical Facewrapped in piano strings
(taken from his 2007 release Ghost)
14. Hammer No More The Fingerssteam
(taken from their 2011 release Black Shark)
15. Generationals greenleaf
(taken from their 2011 release Actor-Caster)
16. Acid House Kings would you say stop?
(taken from their 2011 release Music Sounds Better With You)
17. The Barettas touche
(taken from their 2010 7″ release Touche b/w Black Sheep)
18. The Strungsthe rules are
(taken from their 2011 release Vol. 02 EP)
19. The Binary Marketing Showblue glass
(taken from their 2011 release Because Of This, This and This)
20. Lia Icesice wine
(taken from her 2011 release Grown Unknown)
21. Say Hi take ya’ dancin’
(taken from their 2011 release Um, Uh Oh)
22. Gypsybloodtake your picture
(taken from their 2010 release Gypsyblood EP)
23. Creepoidenabler
(taken from their 2011 release Horse Heaven)

Download Zip File 140MB

Disc Two

1. High Tension Wiresbackbone
(taken from their 2011 release Welcome New Machine)
2. Computer Magic grand junction
(taken from their 2011 release Spectronic EP)
3. French Films take you with me
(taken from their 2010 release Golden Sea EP)
4. Cotton Jonesdown beside em
(taken from their 2011 release Sit Beside Your Vegetables EP)
5. Should turned tables
(taken from their 2011 release Like A Fire Without Sound)
6. Vit Pälsturning torsos silhuett
(taken from the 2011 Piren OST)
7. Scattered Trees a conversation about death on new years eve
(taken from their 2011 release Sympathy)
8. Lab Coast really realize
(taken from their 2011 release Pictures On The Wall)
9. Owen Temple mountain home
(taken from his 2011 release Mountain Home)
10. The Dodos don’t stop
(taken from their 2011 release No Color)
11. Asobi Seksu trance out
(taken from their 2011 release Fluorescence)
12. Auida walked away
(taken from their 2009 release Versions EP)
13. Nathan Edwin willow
(taken from their 2011 release Willow Spillow EP)
14. Judson Claiborne song for dreaming (good ol’ wobbly version)
(taken from his 2010 release Time and Temperature)
15. The Go! Teambuy nothing day
(taken from their 2011 release Rolling Blackouts)
16. The Megaphonic Thrift candy sin
(taken from their 2011 release Decay Decoy)
17. Radical Facewelcome home, son
(taken from his 2007 release Ghost)
18. Heavy Cream watusi
(taken from their 2010 release Danny)
19. Man/Miracledon’t waste it
(taken from their 2011 release Don’t Waste It)
20. Eastern Conference Championssummertime
(taken from her 2010 release Akustiks EP)
21.  The Døbohemian dances
(taken from their 2011 release Both Ways Open Jaws)
22. U.S. Royaltygive up the ghost
(taken from their 2011 release Mirrors)
23. Spirit Spineocean of sand
(taken from his 2011 release Glossolalia)

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The Binary Marketing Show

I stumbled across The Binary Marketing Show back when you could separate new releases by genre on CDBaby. Not that I’m a classification Nazi by any means but the selection of new age and hip-hop was unquestionably less than desirable (still is). It took all of a few 30-second clips to make me want to devour anything I could get my ears on.

2009’s Pattern, a diverse exploration into wind-swept melodies and varied instrumentation, was my introduction to TBMS and ended up being one of my favorite LP’s of that year. I also described it as an inspiring collection teeming with weirdo-pop, sunshine fixes and tribal beats and featured the simply special ‘Fear’ on my December ’09 mixtape. The duo, consisting of Abram Morphew and Bethany Carder and hailing from Brooklyn, have somehow eluded widespread, blogospherical success and that’s a shit-bag of shame. But really, nothing I wax poetic about is going to serve up any justice to the wholesome goodness of their entire catalog. The band was kind enough to share their latest release with me so dig into a few tracks I culled from that (and a few others) below and scour their voluminous Bandcamp page for more. They’ll be playing a house show at The Mitten in West Philly on 3/1 and I’m totally sure it’ll be electric but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it.

RIYL The Books, The Microphones, Fog, any number of your current favorite chillwave crushes

Tromping Through The Valley Of Impending Doom (from 2007’s Destruction Of Your Own Creationpay-what-you-want download)

Wellbeing (from 2007’s Destruction Of Your Own Creationpay-what-you-want download)

Shape Of Your Head (from 2009’s Patternpay-what-you-want download)

Blue Glass (from 2011’s Because Of This, This and This)

Don’t Bother (from 2011’s Because Of This, This and This)


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{MIXTAPE} February 2011


Original artwork by the imitable Stephen Smith

Disc One

1. Way Yesgino
(taken from their 2010 release Walkability)
2. The Wiggly Tendrilsbeat the indie drum theme song
(recorded upon BTID request!)
3. Austra the beat and the pulse
(taken from their 2011 release Feel It Break)
4. Women’s Basketball indian lunch buffet
(taken from the 2011 compilation One Year Of Original Music From February Records)
5. Annabel the forgetting of names and faces
(taken from their 2010 7″ release Here We Are Tomorrow)
6. Hurt Valley i’m an avalanche
(taken from their 2011 release Tessara)
7. Peter Elkas cool thing to do
(taken from his 2011 release Repeat Offender)
8. Lucy Stone just a girl
(taken from her 2011 release Small Treasures EP)
9. Lia Ices daphne
(taken from her 2011 release Grown Unknown)
10. Restorations title track
(taken from their 2010 release Strange Behavior EP)
11. The Dopamines public domain
(taken from their 2010 release Expect The Worst)
12. Shy Mirrors reactors
(taken from his 2010 release Reactors EP)
13. Telekinesiscalling all doctors
(taken from their 2010 release Parallel Seismic Conspiracies)
14. Creepoiddream out
(taken from their 2011 release Horse Heaven)
15. The Red River apple valley
(taken from their 2010 release Little Song About The Big Picture)
16. Loney Dear loney blues
(taken from his upcoming 2011 full-length release)
17. Faust herbststimmung
(taken from their 2011 release Something Dirty)
18. The Cave Singersswim club
(taken from their 2011 release No Witch)
19. Early To Bedtil i arrive
(taken from their 2011 EardrumsPop Digital Single)
20. Class Actresscareful what you say
(taken from their 2010 release Journal Of Ardency EP)
21. Touchy Mob crooked lust (Bowerbirds cover)
(released as a digital single only)
22. Love In Octoberpaper heart
(taken from their 2011 release Love In October II)
23. The Deloreansbuffalo
(taken from their 2011 release American Craze)
24. Panditpack your bags
(taken from his 2011 release Eternity Spin)
25. The Gifted Childrenif the accident will
(taken from their 2011 release Fallacy Stilts EP)

Download Zip File 175MB

Disc Two

1. Shugo Tokumarurum hee
(taken from his 2010 release Port Entropy)
2. Hunx & His Punx lovers lane
(taken from their 2011 release Too Young To Be In Love)
3. Mind Spiders don’t let her go
(taken from their 2011 release Mind Spiders)
4. The KVBit’s too late
(taken from their 2011 BEKO Digital Single)
5. DeVotchKa all the sand in all the sea
(taken from their 2011 release 100 Lovers)
6. Apex Manorteenage blood
(taken from their 2011 release The Year Of Magical Drinking)
7. The Rural Alberta Advantage tornado ’87
(taken from their 2011 release Departing)
8. Akron/Family silly bears
(taken from their 2011 release S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT)
9. Christine Owman spelling words
(taken from her 2010 release Throwing Knives)
10. The Humms jesus lied
(taken from their 2010 release Lemonland)
11. J Mascis is it done
(taken from his 2011 release Several Shades Of Why)
12. Lia Icesgrown unknown
(taken from her 2011 release Grown Unknown)
13. Jon McKiel motion pictures
(taken from his 2011 release Confidence Lodge EP)
14. Southeast Engine ruthie
(taken from their 2011 release Canary)
15. The Backyard Committeeso long ago
(taken from their 2010 release The Backyard Committee)
16. Lifeguards paradise is not so bad
(taken from their 2011 release Waving At The Astronauts)
17. Early To Bedweathervane
(taken from their 2011 EardrumsPop Digital Single)
18. Eat Your Birthday Cake lightweight stars
(taken from their 2009 release I Know You Can)
19. The End Of Americafiona grace
(taken from their 2010 release Steep Bay)
20. Little Screamthe heron and the fox
(taken from her 2011 release The Golden Record)
21.  Cotton Jonesegg on a sea
(taken from their 2011 release Sit Beside Your Vegetables EP)
22. Far Concernplaytime
(taken from his 2011 EardrumsPop Digital Single)
23. Cat Matadorthe address
(taken from their 2010 release The Address EP)
24. Sarah Jaffetwo intangibles can’t be had (daytrotter)
(taken from her 2011 Daytrotter Session)
25. High Highsflowers bloom
(released as a digital single only)

Download Zip File 165MB

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Restorations – Strange Behavior 12″

It’s a precious thing knowing I will be surrounded by a scene choc-ful of talented musicians when I move back into the bowels of Philly – the lads in Restorations being no exception. This 10″ 12″, released on the Paper + Plastick label, covers a wide swath of musical terrain ranging from the excited, backwoods guitar-licks-and-whiskey-drawl of the opening ‘Title Track’ to the rushing crescendo of ringing guitars and crashing drums of the closing 2 minutes. Press sheet name-drops Lucero and Jon and Dave’s former band, Jena Berlin (of whom I’ve never actually heard), but I’m more inclined to say this type of restrained punk energy filtered through a dynamic spectrum of sounds yields an aural image of the Drive-By Truckers with Frankie Stubbs of Leatherface in the driver’s seat. Grab the wax from the insanely cheap No Idea mail-order warehouse like pow. Looks like they’ll be playing an acoustic house show in the area next week – more details on their FB.

Title Track



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Saying ‘Hi’

It’s about that time to update everyone on a few happenings here in the BTID camp. I will be relocating back to the Fishtown/Northern Liberties of Philly in late March. Why is this important, you wonder? It means more live music, copious amounts of craft beer, more networking and interaction with local musicians and participation in events/charities/etc. After a while I might be able to forge BTID into a bona fide source for news and discussion on a wide variety of topics as opposed to just ‘some guy’ dropping in to post mixes and one-liner reviews on occasion. I’m totally psyched to get a second crack at the city. I’ve been there before but it was in a more tumultuous (read: broke and hectic) period of my life. The commute to work (King Of Prussia area) forced me out into the suburbs 3 years ago but ever since I’ve felt like I’ve been on the outside looking in, sacrificing quality of life for convenience I suppose. So if you are in the area and want to meet up for beers, band practice or shows – holler.

For example, I released a Capstan Shafts EP over 5 years ago when Dean was still pumping minute-and-a-half jams into a boom-box and I have STILL not had a chance to catch up with him live. Granted, he refused to play out during his formative years. That’s all going to change tonight at the M Room as he’s now touring with a full band, fuller sound and critically lauded album out on Rainbow Quartz – home to local favorites The Asteroid #4. At first it was a shock to hear all the songs from the CS canon done up with production and contributions but the melody and storytelling prowess force their way out of the songs no matter how they’re presented – a big part of why I love Dean’s music so dearly. Maybe I can coax him to fire up a Kickstarter campaign to press the fabulous Revelation Skirts to vinyl. I’ll expect you there if you have no plans. Say ‘hi’.

While on the subject of the extended BTID family – The Gifted Children are at it again, releasing free EP’s and shiz. Fallacy Stilts promises a ‘quieter’, subdued affair with more ‘pretty’ and less sonic assaulting. I’ll take this Buffalo/Rochester collective’s music any way they wanna give it to me. I dare you to stream/download the hazy, daydreamy leadoff track below without wanting to press repeat over and over and over again. You can still grab a copy of the 5CD Building Your Lo-Fi Shelter boxed set as well as the One Clear Minute 7″ series straight from their virtual merch table. If times are tough you shouldn’t leave without downloading the free and most excellent Open Windows and Turncoat Spring EP’s here as well as the (*wink wink*) BTID-released Commonwealth Squelch EP here.

The Gifted Children – If The Accident Will

Fellow coal-regionites, Kid Icarus, are following up their smashing 2010 LP (previously pimped here) with a cassette EP on Stress Carrier. But that’s not the only bit of good news – KI have expressed interest in recording an EP to be released right here on the BTID netlabel. I’m not making any promises but I feel this is where my vinyl-pressing career will begin… Check out a few tracks below including the jangly, organ-fueled title track.

Ghost Town Feeling
Spector Road

Last but not least I heard from a little birdy that The Wiggly Tendrils will be readying a new release very soon with an exciting story behind it. This is assuming you didn’t realize there’s an exciting story behind everything they’ve written to date. I’ll leave you with a recent favorite to chew on until then.

The Wiggly Tendrils – The Internet Never Forgets


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{MIXTAPE} January 2011


Original artwork by Caroline B.

Disc One

1. Lonnie Walkercompass comforts
(taken from their 2010 release These Times Old Times)
2. The Wiggly Tendrilsbeat the indie drum theme song
(recorded upon BTID request!)
3. Brian Eno needles in the camel’s eye
(taken from his 1993 release Eno Box II: Vocals)
4. Painted Palms all of us
(taken from their 2010 release Canopy EP)
5. James Leroy wasting our time
(taken from their 2004 release Distinction)
6. Antony & The Johnsons ghost
(taken from their 2010 release Swanlights)
7. Vampire Weekend i think ur a contra
(taken from their 2010 release Contra)
8. The Coast heartbreak city
(taken from their 2010 release Queen Cities)
9. Pregnant wiff of father
(taken from his 2010 release Regional Music)
10. Ori milka’s dream
(taken from his 2010 Bad Panda Records digital single release)
11. Der Teenage Panzerkorps v3
(taken from their 2011 7″ release Thee Incantations Of Bunker Wolf)
12. Easter Island proud
(taken from their 2011 release Better Things EP)
13. Blake Millswinter song
(taken from his 2010 release Break Mirrors)
14. Insect Guidedead sure
(taken from their 2010 release 5 O’Clock Recordings EP)
15. James Vincent McMorrow if i had a boat
(taken from his 2010 release Early In The Morning)
16. Generationals say for certain
(taken from their 2010 release Trust EP)
17. Maxilla Blue easyflowgoodflowbadflowinthewater (daytrotter)
(taken from their 2010 Daytrotter Session)
18. Lower Densi get nervous
(taken from their 2010 7″ release I Get Nervous)
19. Beat Radiosleepwalking
(taken from their 2009 release Safe Inside The Sound)
20. Castevetbeating high schoolers at arcade games
(taken from their 2009 release Summer Fences)
21. Smycken marble slabz
(taken from their 2010 split LP release with Viking Jews)
22. Only Thievesbricks
(taken from their 2011 release Heartless Romantics)
23. (m + a)(we)
(taken from an upcoming 2011 release)
24. Ola Podridarun off the road
(taken from his 2007 release Ola Podrida)
25. Yellow Ostrichlove more
(released as a digital single only)

Download Zip File 157MB

Disc Two

1. Toro Y Moiyou hid (daytrotter)
(taken from his 2010 Daytrotter Session)
2. Aurelio tio sam
(taken from his 2011 release Laru Beya)
3. Les Savy Fav sleepless in silverlake
(taken from their 2010 release Root For Ruin)
4. Boston Spaceshipsdunkirk is frozen
(taken from their 2010 release Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)
5. CYMBALS good luck
(taken from their 2010 release CYMBALS EP)
6. In Tall Buildingsthe way to a monster’s lair
(taken from his 2010 release In Tall Buildings)
7. Parlovr hell, heaven
(taken from their 2010 release Hell/Heaven/Big/Love EP)
8. Tetsuo banshee mansion
(taken from their 2010 release These Crystals Don’t Burn)
9. Dana Falconberry blue umbrella
(taken from her 2010 release Halletts)
10. The Dø calendar
(taken from their 2011 release Slippery Slope)
11. Wolf People silbury sands
(taken from their 2010 release Steeple)
12. Maps and Diagramson esquiline hill (feat ylid)
(taken from his 2010 release A Pulsating History)
13. Dirty Beaches lord knows best
(taken from his 2011 release Badlands)
14. Rachel Sermanni eggshells
(taken from her 2010 release RIPJDS EP)
15. Signe Tollefsendown by the water
(taken from her 2011 release Baggage EP)
16. Lubec your magic wand
(taken from their 2011 release Nothing Is Enough!)
17. Le Daysring baby ring
(taken from his 2011 release Dead People On Tape)
18. NewVillager rich doors
(taken from an upcoming 2011 release)
19. Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modernspiderman beats ironman
(taken from their 2010 release Essex Arms)
20. Los Nadiehlisa y llanamente
(taken from their 2011 release Desde El Último Lugar)
21.  Mount Molelittle eyes
(taken from his 2010 release MMX)
22. Swim Partythe glory of economy
(taken from their 2011 release There Is Too Much Wood In My Coffin EP)
23. Hooded Fangmutant bear
(taken from their 2010 release Hooded Fang)
24. Deer Tickchrist jesus
(taken from their 2010 release The Black Dirt Sessions)

Download Zip File 155MB

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