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It’s once again that time to point out a few areas of the web where you need to be. I’ll also mention that I added a few links to the sidebar over yonder – permalinks to my top 150 albums of the naughties as well as the Vault Of Free (maintained weekly…or so). There’s a new BTID Tumblr created to focus solely on local Philly (gold) soundz. Updates over thar will be rather sporadic as opposed to the ‘strict guidelines’ that we adhere to over here. Also on tap soon will be a new Wiggly Tendrils EP – expected to coincide with the upcoming witching season. I, for one, cannot wait – this summer has been a smidge too brutal for this guy and fresh WT tunes will surely ease the transition. Lastly, it’s possible you won’t see a September mix since I’m trying to make a serious effort to absorb myself in a swath of albums deemed ‘classic’ that I have yet to hear. If you are curious I am working off of year-end RateYourMusic lists and the All Music Guide Album Of The Day series…and the list is comprised of about 400+ LP’s. There’s just not enough time, y’all.

Paul over at Mondo Salvo blog has posted another edition of his ongoing mix series, entitled simply 36. There’s been a 35 sighting since I last spoke so don’t miss out on that either. Let’s not forget that Paul has been consistently covering artists I’m not reading about anywhere else. Kudos because I’m starting to feel like some of the blogs I aggregate are just posting/re-posting/re-blogging/copying/thieving the same shit day in and day out. You know who you are.

Speaking of classy, original blogs – Built On A Weak Spot posted a new mix just the other day. Sweet, because I am usually late to give props as links to each of the mixes are nullified as new months are posted. BOAWS is pretty much my main source for music that falls on the more abrasive side of the musical spectrum and the mixes serve as excellent primers. Don’t miss out.

There’s a new Capstan Shafts album out as of a few days ago on Rainbow Quartz. How about a new track? Heart Your Eat Out. One of these days I will be able to see Dean and the crew. Check out his BTID netlabel release, Hallelujah Moncoaxers EP, if you haven’t already. Dear Rainbow Quartz – press this to wax, yo.

One of the fortunate byproducts of the Yewknee Summer Mix Series was acquainting myself with the fabulous yvynyl blog. Mark’s submission, Tender Times, forced me to grab every single mix posted on his blog and as I was running through them there were numerous occurrences of ‘HEY, I know this song!’. So mixwise, we’re somewhat like ‘this’. I’m also currently plundering his bestie list of blogs (and me too) for treasures. Not sure how this handsome blog eluded my radar for so long…

Happy birthday, Friends With Both Arms! Many more to ya…

…and R.I.P. A Plague Of Angels Your meticulously curated mixtapes have renewed my interest in the classics of yesteryear.

The August edition of the Musical Alliance Pact is like pow! ready for ingestion. Everyone is back from summer vacay so all 36 of the previously participating countries are back in biz. IGIF have nominated the much-ballyhoo’d Wise Blood to represent ‘Murrrrica this month.

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