Black Mamba

After sampling the Maren Parusel 7″ and Powerchords catalog on Single Screen Records I was definitely surprised to experience wistful, bedroom-dream-pop from San Diego’s Black Mamba. Quite simply, this is the Teen Dream of 2009 as Aimee Sanchez’ ethereal vocals are a dead ringer for Beach House’s Victoria LeGrand – high accolades in this crib. The dark, piano-textured backdrop also reminded me of local SD heroes, Black Heart Procession. Their namesake is rather deceiving as there is nothing poisonous or speedy about Golden Birthday and I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t love this. Grab the EP from the label website – wax-heads invited.

The Autumn People

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  1. Thank you for this one, I don’t hear BHP in their music that much but it’s still great.

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