Special Monday Morning Tape – #67

Two Hours Trafficnoisemaker
(taken from their 2010 release Territory)
Belle and Sebastianwrite about love
(taken from their 2010 release Belle & Sebastian Write About Love)
Frontier(s) (feat. Chris Higdon of Falling Forward and Elliott)  – radiomine
(taken from their 2010 7″ release The Plains)
Tallest Man In The Worldlike the wheel
(taken from his 2010 release Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird)
Exit Clovdistrict menagerie
(taken from their 2010 release Memento Mori)
Sarah Winchesteroh the herons (field recording)
(taken from the Free Cascadia Folk Anthology project)
(taken from an upcoming 2010/11 release)
Jesse Paynemanhattan project
(taken from his 2010 release Nesting)
The Wave Picturesstrange fruit for david
(taken from their 2009 release Puncture My Pride)
One Hundred Flowersrat trap
(taken from their 2010 release Mechanical Bride)
Young Mammalsconfetti
(taken from their 2010 release Carrots)
Gospel Clawssummer nights lakeside
(taken from their 2010 release C-L-A-W-S)

Twice Today from Quiet Lights on Vimeo.

Calling Out Your Name Again from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

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