Woody Whatever

Big One Shout Out EP

March 22, 2006

Download zip file here or individual mp3’s below

01 Rave Time (2:19) (mp3)

02 It’s Cold and I’m Awake (1:09) (mp3)

03 Not Fair (2:04) (mp3)

04 Listen Up (1:44) (mp3)

05 Amy (2:35) (mp3)

06 Name One Time (0:43) (mp3)

07 May I (2:08) (mp3)

08 Soft Press (1:24) (mp3)

09 Keep Your Breath (1:30) (mp3)

10 Personal Loan (2:23) (mp3)

11 Lost Energy (1:41) (mp3)


Recorded at Chiefly British Studio/Office/Kitchen in Athens, Ohio.

All songs (E. Schmall), except “Listen Up” (E. Schmall, J. Schmall). Isaac Gadient noise on “Lost Energy”.

Cover art by Kaleb Gay.

This EP is available on cassette at myspace.com/popmonster for $3 ppd.

Thanks: Isaac Gadient, Kaleb Gay, Matthew Marcinowski and Russ Woods.

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