The Great Explainer….explained

Man, listening to Trenton’s The Great Explainer makes me feel young again. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for this chunky, melodic Hot Water Music/Lifetime/Kid Dynamite-influenced hardcore. They got that nice guy/tough guy dual vocal attack working for them, the guitars weave in and out effortlessly and the skins sound like they are getting duly pounded. I applaud the brevity of each track – all filing in under the 4-minute mark – get in, break a sweat, get out. The hardcore/emo scene was once youthful and relevant and hopefully once the thrill of its 00’s mainstream success wears off those of us who were there can stop waxing nostalgic and get back to what’s important – the music itself. We should keep an eye on these lads to see where they float this ship in the future but in the meantime – dig their debut 10″ out now on Chunksaah. Those of you in the Philly area might want to stop by The M Room Oct. 15th – TGE are opening up for (drum roll, plz) The Ataris. Sample a track below and check out their Bandcamp page for a few demos.

The Great Explainer – I Finally Found My Dreamboat

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