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It’s about that time to update BTID readers with a slew of news-like morsels that we’ve been chewing on for quite awhile now – which is what always happens during the summer-fun months. Hopefully there will be a little more time in the budget for website development and content moving forward into the fall and winter. The good news, other than it not being 95 anymore, is that we’ll all stop hearing how every artist/song is the OMGZ perfect summer cocktail.

While on the topic of fall, The Wiggly Tendrils have announced a (full-length) Halloween album to be released right here on the BTID netlabel! The album proper will be posted and available for download this coming Thursday. I’ve had a chance to sample several of the songs and, boy, is it going to be the perfect summer cocktail a HOOT. Peep their previous releases here or on their Bandcamp to get you warmed up.

How about a new, aural concoction curated by Mark from YVYNYL? Thassome mighty exquisite artwork. These mixtapes are also very awesome, yo.

Since we last spoke there have been no less than three Hussalonia releases to tickle our earbuds. Just when you think Jesse can’t outdo himself – a 6-song EP of (drum roll, please….) Steely Dan covers. It pains me that the Hussalonia machine still meddles about in obscurity.

I’ve been feeling like its time for a little change of appearance for the front page so sometime in the next few weeks/months I will be holding a contest to have the BTID logo redesigned. The booty? How about 250+ CD’s? Yes, that’s right. I’m slowly making the change to strictly vinyl and mp3 formats so these CD’s aren’t unsolicited promos or yo mama’s favorites – they’re choice cuts from my personal collection. Why am I telling you this now? So you can get a head start, duh. More details to come…

Lastly, I updated the Vault Of Free list so that it reads alphabetically with new additions separated and I’m almost finished adding the Yahoo Media Player to every single mixtape so they can now be streamed as well as downloaded.

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