The Wiggly Tendrils Present: Spooky Tendrils

The Wiggly Tendrils have once again lent their songwriting savvy to a singular, but precious, theme – Halloween! As was the case with previous releases, all songs were requested from the bands themselves – only this time via the WT voicemail request line – 440.TEN.DRIL Yes, that’s correct, you (or anyone!) can simply call in and request a song based around your parameters. This is essentially the process by which the BTID theme song came to fruition. Way cool!

Download the thrilling start to your fall season in a conveniently packaged zip file with over-sized artwork and lyrics here or stream/download the individual tracks below. It’s waaaaayyy easier than bobbing for apples or running from zombies, ya know.

01. The ParentsWiggle Your Tendrils

02. Daytime LightsCat Castle

03. ThodreyBeware The Gnarrs!

04. ChouetteRibbons

05. Elf Princess Gets A HarleyThe Best Idea

06. Enemy & RobotBecause There’s Nowhere To Go

07. Tropical DancerThe Players In The Piano

08. ScrandWithout Halloween

09. Elf Princess Gets A HarleyYour Pitchfork To My Throat

10. B.T. NookEmergency: Paging Dr. Mario

11. RachelintreesBoo Mitzvah

12. The Gavin ExtractionFrankenstein Song

13. Deirdre and Conor – The Phantom To The Spaceship Said

14. Seripain – Appeal and Concrete Daydream

For more details including lyrics and credits see the official release page.

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  1. marianne kelly

    A treat – thanks.

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