Special Monday Morning Tape – #1

You are staring down the barrel of BTID’s very first installment of the Monday Morning Shuffle. Every week I’d like to compile links to mp3’s from artists/albums that I’ve investigated the week previous. This will be nothing new for readers who followed the old version of BTID. Click on the links to download directly to your hard drive or wiggle the blue arrow to play the song in a magical, hidden mp3 player (like, whoa!). Click the arrow again to stop the song. Simple, eh?

Matthew Loiacono (of the Kamikaze Hearts) – only memory

The Gifted Childrenfavorite constellations

Fleeting Joysgo and come back

David Donderowhere the heart breaks deep

The Aimless Never Missthe bright side

Local Nativesairplane

Speck Mountainstockholm

Among Wolvesqueen of england

Black Kitesall wrong

Mac Lethalrotten apple pie

The Sad Cobrasbody cast

Tigers Can Bite Youcolleagues

The Sleepover Disastercathedral

Mason Jenningsbutterfly


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2 Responses to Special Monday Morning Tape – #1

  1. Tamao

    Hey guys! Thank you VERY much for searching together all this music, I’m grateful you’re doing this.
    I got a shock when the page was down last time, thought you’d maybe stopped… Please go on like this!

  2. that gifted children song brings back old memories. i remember listening to it way back in the mp3.com days. good stuff. first one was good also you are 2 for 2 so far. glad to see the site is back from the dead!

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