Bladen County / Gifted Children Schwag

Bladen County Records has offered up a free label sampler on their website for a limited time. Click the pic above to download A Moveable Feast.

The Gifted Children are at it again, giving away their 3rd internet release in as many weeks. The 7-song EP, Open Windows, features the full onslaught of gifted ones. A brief description taken from their press sheet below:

“this 7-song EP packs a ton into a mere 11 minutes:

the title track’s simple, repeating piano line ends up crashing into a cinematic wall of distorted bass, drums and saxophones to set the stage for the rest of the EP. there’s also a completely re-recorded version of ‘a forest’, with its crescendo of delayed guitars, pianos and mandolins; ‘rescate’, a starkly pretty song about lost potential; noisy mini-anthem ‘here comes the flood’; a sweet piano/voice/upright song, ‘transcription (a certain sweetness)’ and much more…

open windows, filled with many different ideas and yet completely coherent as a whole, ranks among the best releases from the gifted children.”

Um, yum.

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