State Bird

The latest edition of The Big Takeover that I’ve actually read, Issue 61, has yielded its first payout in the form of State Bird. All Elephant 6 fanatics should tune in immediately, especially those who might be more in tune with the vibrant, eclectic pop of The Minders. I also hear a little bit of BTID favorites Beirut in the mix. Throw in a subtle touch of backwoods folk instrumentation and it all starts coming together. Their latest effort, Mostly Ghostly, saw its release last year on The Record Machine. Both Mostly and their debut Marching Through The Wilderness are available for purchase through the label’s store. I’ve yet to get around to anything else on the label but I’m hoping their roster is just as exciting as this group of rowdy fowl. Shit makes me wanna get up and dance around the room at times.

Below is a 4-song set the band recorded live-in-studio for My Old Kentucky Blog:

1. The Hollerin’ Mountains
2. I Saw The Light
3. Golden Glowing Mask
4. State Bird

Oh, and they’ve also graced the pages of with a 4-song live set:

1. Marching Through The Wilderness
2. The Golden Glowing Mask
3. I Saw The Light
4. The Hollerin’ Mountains

Internet-only 4-song EP released on The Record Machine:

1. The Bright July Night
2. It’s Almost Time
3. Uh Oh!
4. I Don’t Love You Anymore

And if you still can’t get enough, see also: State Bird on the Myspace internet portal

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