If You Make It, They Will Take Freely

Part of the original mission statement for the newly-resurrected BTID website was to seek out and distribute information on music made freely available for download by artists and/or their respective labels.  It would seem that my weekly meanderings on the internets this week have yielded a great deal of quality finds that I’m quite excited to pass along to all of you.

If You Make It is a grab-bag of assorted fun – most notably a free album section with 24 releases and counting. It would seem the music runs the gamit from old-school pop/punk-emo-hardcore to singer-songwriter/folk. The only release I’ve had time to fully check out was the Air Raid Barcelona EP, whose shouty vocals and frenetic roundhouse-kick energy bursts reminded me quite a bit of Braid and early Jawbreaker. This is definitely a promising sign. While on the site be sure to not pass up the Pink Couch Sessions – a series of videos where musicians come through to Dave’s house (or sometimes other neutral locations) to record a song. Some of the musicians I wasn’t originally familiar with are definitely worth investigating. There are also short films (mostly comedic) and show footage from various music venues throughout the country. All in all IYMI is a hip (yet, bad-ass) web locale that you could easily spend hours on when you have nothing to do in your cubicle at work.

Art/culture/music blog CHYRP/Birdhouse has uploaded the latest mix in their series of seasonal delights. This edition’s mix features many notables, some not-so-familiars and an excellent cover of Nick Drake’s Cello Song by Jose Gonzalez and The Books.

UK indie-pop troubadour, Keith John Adams, wrote personalized songs for the first 43 people who pre-ordered his Unclever album. They are posted for you to stream or download here. This undertaking was very similar to Momus concept behind his Stars Forever album, which I believe was to the tune of $1000 a song in order to help save the failing Le Grand Magistery record label. Either way, its an awesome idea and some great zippy, pop tunes to be found in KJA’s batch. I’ll link to a few of my favorites below.

Keith John Adams – Hung Up Love (for Chris Mac of Indiepages)

Keith John Adams – Cocaine Off A Hooker’s Chest (for Fishboy)

Optical Atlas has reported that both Circulatory System AND Marshmallow Coast are slated to release new albums relatively soon, August and May respectively. I honestly thought both of these projects were completely dead in the water but lo! they rise again. I’ve posted a few mp3’s below from each just in case you are unfamiliar. I am hoping this signals a renewed interest in reviving some of the great Elephant 6 bands of yore.

Marshmallow Coast – Sail Around The World

Circulatory System – Yesterday’s World

Circulatory System – Now

Lastly, I stumbled across a site that may interest fans of Daytrotter. Hear Ya is an indie music blog which also happens to feature live-in-studio sessions from touring bands that come through the area.  I noticed a few BTID favorites on the list of past performers (Langhorne Slim and The Everybodyfields, to name a few).

FYI: I’ve been constantly adding new haunts to the links section over thar’ on the right. Feel free to look around. Also, you should be seeing the April monthly mix sometime before the week’s end (hopefully). I’m currently looking for interested parties for its respective artwork…

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  1. just wanted to say I am glad the site is back up and going full steam. makes my work day better with new music. click my name to hear a sampling of recent stuff I have done. thx.

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