Stop The Boat, Gangplank Is Here.

Michigan label, Gangplank Records, has offered up a label sampler/compilation for free download on their website. It features 2 songs from each of their represented bands. Please note the Chris Richards and The Substractions tunes – highly infectious power-pop with all the right moves. In fact, I, Miss July is easily the best jangly nugget of joy I’ve stumbled across in possibly 2-3 years. I’ve been following Chris’ solo years, most notable his excellent Mystery Spot release – featured in my October 2004 mix. I’ve not always kept up with the genre like some of my peers have but once in a while it impresses. I used to follow the Not Lame weekly podcast to keep in touch but it is now sadly defunct. The old ‘casts are still available for download so if yer feeling bored….

I actually had a lot more to cover today but I’ve been stricken with a nasty cold/flu. You’ll probably see a mega-post of some sort this weekend.

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