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Norweigan-based blog, Eardrums, has announced the latest edition of the Music Alliance Pact. The MAP is a worldwide collective of blogs featuring artists from their respective countries – 25 in all. Every month they choose a song from a local artist and together they assemble a mix for free download – an exceptionally cool idea that may help make some of us homebody’s feel a little more cultured.

While you are on the Eardrums website do check out their latest seasonal mix, Birdsongs, Beesongs – they’ve uploaded Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of their spring mix. Older volumes are still available and come highly recommended by BTID!

I Need Sleep represent all that is good with the mingling of musical minds and merging of souls amongst a world full of trite Idol-pop and drop-D angst. The collective appears to be equal parts Chicago and Knoxville but you won’t hear an ounce of pedal steel or whiny bleeding-heart faux-punk vocals in this mix. Instead you get a distorted, slap-dash concoction of zany pop madness a la World Inferno Friendship Society or Man Man. To the purest pop fans at heart, this might sound scary and off-putting but you can’t deny these guys and gals are having a lot of fun doing what they do. The band is currently marking their territory across the US and they happen to be looking for a date here in the Philly area. INS have made most of their musical output freely available on their Bandcamp page. They also have a cassette release out on the Speed Tapes label for a cool $5 – ‘mastered’ by BTID favorite, Chad Metheny from Emperor X.

Speaking of Emperor X, grab the 2nd volume of his Blythe Archives from the homepage. It includes the fabulous track Speltier, featured on BTID’s December 2007 mix. Chad happens to be touring a good many dates with the abovementioned I Need Sleep. Quite possibly an alliance made in heaven. Awesome.

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