The Art of The Mix and Their Artists

I’ve been plugging away at monthly mixes now for going on 6 years and I never seem to grow tired of the process or the actual art of assembling them. Some of you may remember when I would package the mix up every month using some oddball form of artwork and then snail mail it out to you. I eventually stopped doing this but I’ve always carried on the tradition, albeit in the digital format online. My love for the mix seems to have stemmed from the 5 year span I obsessively collected CMJ magazine. For those of you who don’t remember (or have never subscribed to) CMJ, it came with a sampler CD of mostly unknown (to me) artists. I eventually cut my subscription when e-zines and music blogs started popping up all over the internets but I still possess all the old magazines and CD’s. Why am I blathering on about all this? Well it seems I’m not the only one who has habitually assembled monthly mixes for an extended period of time.

Jonathan, the curator and mastermind behind the music blog Built On A Weak Spot, has been posting personal mixes online for quite some time. I originally came across his collection on Soulseek and I make it a habit to always make sure I grab his latest offerings. Long-time followers of BTID will probably know that my tastes mainly run along the spectrum of pop or anything with a profound sense of melody, for that matter. What I like most about the BOAWS mixes is the in-depth coverage of sounds that I enjoy but rarely delve too deep into. He also has a knack of revisiting artists who I once loved at one time but have since nearly forgotten about. But let’s not assume that his music blog is just about mixes. You can sense a serious commitment and love for the artists he covers – which happens to be a quality that is sorely lacking in the current blogging community. Many of my old, favorite blogs have simply turned into ‘news clip’ websites – many utilizing the ‘i-reported-this-first’ mentality and the rest just referencing what they heard here or there. I understand it is what it is and I’d still prefer music enthusiasts to reference these aforementioned sites than say, the progenitors of the elite hip, Pitchfork. But I digress. Kudos to BOAWS for standing out and plugging away at it every day. Long may you blog.

Get in on the fun: BOAWS Mix Archive

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  1. yep, built on a weak spot is probably my fave music blog. turned on to plenty of good music from there. i was just thinking how these are the remaining two music sites i visit regularly: boaws and btid.

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