The Beat Turns 32; Celebrates By Giving His Readers Gifts

A few years ago I made mention of San Francisco’s The Invisible Cities and their debut album Watertown, citing it as one of the more remarkable mellow dream-pop albums of the year. Well the band is back with a sophomore release (and a new member, local folk troubadour Goh Nakamura) that picks up where their debut left off. Houses Shine Like Teeth not only features more of those infectious harmonies but also a slight hint of electronic embelishments, making the album a lot more difficult to pigeonhole. If you want me to name-drop I’d have to say this plays out like any number of your favorite Yo La Tengo albums. The best part of this ordeal is the band is offering up the album for free download to the first 500 interested parties. Follow this link and enter the special code: BTID and the band will e-mail you a link to download their album. Included in the package is a 12-track mixtape/sampler of local favorites curated by the band themselves – featuring excellent songs from Sonny & The Sunsets, Scrabbel, The Rhombus, Pancho-San (members of Beulah(!) and Rogue Wave) and several more.

One of the artists on this mixtape happens to be The Invisible Cities’ very own Goh Nakamura and he is also offering his latest album Ulysses as a free download (alongside another 16-track mixtape of Goh’s favorite artists!). The track I have heard, ‘Somewhere’, sparkles with a rootsy jangle that channels the spirit of Paul Westerberg’s solo efforts and features backup vocals from TIC’s Sadie Contini. Not sure about you but I am all about hearing more of this.

Last, but definitely not least today, comes to us via the excellent nyctaper blog. The curator has been ritually taping and archiving shows that come through his local area (NYC in this case….) and he graciously posts them on the site in high-bitrate mp3’s or lossless FLAC files. What I like most is his lack of discrimination – for every artist you are probably familiar with there’s one you most likely aren’t. I will post a few links to shows that interested me a great deal. Take note to a show from BTID’s newfound man-crush, Jeremy Messersmith. It sports live versions of 2 songs included on recent BTID mixes. *Swoon* And let’s not overlook the set from the absolutely gorgeous Alela Diane (pictured above).

Of Montreal – Live at Music Hall April 15, 2009

Jeremy Messersmith – Live at Union Hall November 22, 2008

The Forms – Live at After The Jump Festival June 21, 2008

The Mountain Goats – Live at Ethical Culture Hall March 27, 2009 (with John Vanderslice!)

John Vanderslice – Live at Ethical Culture Hall March 27, 2009 (with John Darnielle!)

Alela Diane – Live at The Bowery February 27, 2009

Hopefully you are all out enjoying this wonderful East Coast heatwave this weekend. I will be spending the night celebrating my birthday – a batch of wings and a few Dead Guy’s at the Mesquito Grille in Doylestown then off to romp in NE Philly. *burp*


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  1. Wow, thanks for the kind words.
    Its so refreshing to see that there are people who appreciate these excellent lesser-known artists that we have featured. I don’t know if you’ve ever met Jeremy, but besides his talent he’s also a really nice guy. Same for Alela — a sweet kid with the voice of an angel.

  2. Brett

    Wow, I typed in this address because I was talking about music blogs, and much to my surprise the sites back alive and kicking. These downloads and mixtape links are a great way to get back into this website and get a chance to listen to some great artists I would have otherwise missed out on. Awesome of these two artists to share such good tunes as well. Thanks!

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