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It might seem like things slowed down on the site there for awhile but it was just me cashing in a week’s vacation to go see friends in Athens. I had the distinct pleasure of serving up breakfast for the lads in Old Canes, after seeing them spread musical cheer at the Caledonia Lounge the night before. I also managed to catch Frightened Rabbit for the second time this year at the 40 Watt. Take note vinyl enthusiasts – the Athens/Atlanta area is home to no less than 6 above-excellent record shops. The amount of wax booty I plundered while in town is not of this world. Granted, some of the rekkids on that list were purchased direct from mail-order (do you doubt my love for Graveface Records?) but the bulk of them were procured in various and sundry dusty bins throughout Georgia (of all places). As if that week weren’t enough I FINALLY witnessed the Guided By Voices rock and roll machine at the Troc here in Philly. That shit was LOUD.

For those of you not regularly tuning in to the Gifted Children web updates (or unfairly ignoring my praise!) there is a new EP to be downloaded. Autumn Ghosts clocks in at a measly 9 minutes so even the least attentive of y’all have no excuse not to listen. Their massive 5CD boxed set of collected earlier works is still available for $30 – highly recommended for the lot of you who are late to the show.

Did you know the Eardrums music blog has started a (free) digital single netlabel? Well now you do. Technically the EardrumsPop project was started with the release of the Summer’s Here and A Good Crop compilations a few years ago and followed up with Birdsongs, Beesongs and Between Two Waves endeavors. Any self-respecting indie-pop aficionado should have these compilations in their collections. The label’s current status promises a digital single release every week (or so) – I’m a little late to the show as they’re now on their 4th proper single release. I expect a steady flow of quality not unlike the tenured BEKO-DSL project.

While we’re pimping all things Eardrums – they happen to be Norway’s representative in the ongoing Musical Alliance Pact bizness. October’s edition is ready to be digested with a healthy 35 countries represented. Twin Shadow (and his hair) waves the American flag on this one. Expect the November edition any day now…

Twin ShadowYellow Balloon

Which also means that Jonathan from Built On A Weak Spot has posted his October mix.

I’ve recently moved the links section from the sidebar to its own tab at the top of the page – should make browsing through this a little more friendly. Those of you following the gigantic list of free albums list will be happy to know that I’ve added more worthy candidates to the list. Many thanks be to all artists who have graciously offered up their work for mass-consumption at zero cost to us. Please, please, please donate or make it out to their shows when the music moves you. I’m still working on the list of CD’s I will be giving away as part of the BTID logo design contest. Shan’t be long now.

R.I.P. White Guys With Beards blog and Delicious Scopitone. I understand and hope I avoid the feeling someday. Blogging can be rather detrimental to any writer’s listening experience when you begin to feel like you absolutely MUST post for fear of falling into the blog-void. So far I’ve avoided the trappings of feeling like I need to write-up every single artist I come in contact with either through PR, e-mails or my own devices. This website is not only intended to broaden its readers musical horizons through words and mixtapes but it also serves as a historical document for myself.

Out with the old and in with the new – Styrofoam Drone is another blog based in the local Philly area. I very much enjoy the lot of bands Zac is pimpin’ so I suggest you aggregate that cat.

Loooong-time musical ally (No Love For) Ned has released the second offering on his record label, Thinking About The Needle,  and its a straight-up knockout. If there are many of you out there like myself who wish Superchunk would have kept on releasing Foolish or On The Mouth over and over again then this is for you. The Reactors EP contains no less than 6 tracks of hyper-melodic pop from Sweden’s Shy Mirrors. Stream or purchase the digital EP from their Bandcamp page and enter ‘btid’ in the discount section for an additional 20% off. Those loyal to vinyl will be happy to know there’s an ULTRA-limited, hand-numbered run of 25 lathe-cut 12″ records, yours for a cool $18. Don’t know what a lathe-cut record is? Observe. Dig this!

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