We All Scream For…Pants

Hartford, CT’s The Inclined Plane aren’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel nor are they pretending to write the future with their debut effort I Am Pants. They are, however, very interested in staking their claim as New England’s most promising psyche-pop outfit. It’s probably safe to say TIP draw upon the E6 alumni and their kin(dercore) for influence. Preliminary listens yield equal parts early to mid-period Elf Power and Fablefactory/Visitations. You’re not going to find syrupy pop confections on I Am Pants but after a few listens you will be able to grab onto a few sleek grooves and the occasional trippiness (see the Hey Jude-like mantra that closes the album in ‘Tempo Pin’). The band opened up for The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Stephen Brodsky just the other night so head on over to the TIP blog and grab the album (gratis, of course) before it’s too late… (direct link to the album)

Speaking of ‘better hurry and grab that shiz’, Oh Darling are making their latest album Nice Nice freely available if you join their mailing list – but only until the end of April. This gives you approximately 2 days to do so. Recommended if you enjoy the snap-crackle-pop energy of Philly’s own Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer, The Muffs or dare I say, the edgier side of Letters To Cleo. Jasmine Ash’s vocals are rather adorable and definitely what I would consider ‘uniquely’ effeminate. Check out the band’s Myspace page to get acquainted.

Eardrums has posted the second half of their spring mixtape, Birdsongs, Beesongs, on their blog. Remember my little dialogue the other day about mix curators and their undying passion for the art? These guys go all-out in their effort to not only assemble a mix but put together artist info PDF’s and liner notes – and the artwork is always visually pleasing. Great job, again!

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