Head, Shoulders, Yewknee’s Toes

One of my favorite jack-of-all-trade blogs, Yewknee, has unleashed their first release on the affiliated Yewknee Records label. Michael has graciously made Uncle Skeleton’s Pancho Chumley available for free download here. (Free for now, mind you) It officially saw the light of day in March but I wanted to give it a few listens first. Fans of the modern take on 60’s R&B/soul/70’s disco infused with warm electonic grooves are in for quite a treat. There’s no personal credit to the mastermind behind Uncle Skeleton but this guy knows his way around his Motown collection – check out the ass-shaking boogiefest ‘The Willow Green’ or the Jamie Lidell by-way-of The Jackson Five vocals on the silky smooth ‘I Don’t Want You Back’. Pancho Chumley is mostly an instrumental affair but I definitely wouldn’t have minded a few more vocal tracks. Regardless, it’s a worthwhile effort bound to please anyone with a heartbeat on some level. Dig it.

I shouldn’t forget to mention Yewknee also curates lovely mixes every now and again. This spring-themed mix (as well as all the others if you are late to the show) can be had here. Great work! (As I write this I realized there’s an even newer mix Untitled Number III. The more the merrier!)

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