BTID is looking to recruit and enlist open-minded individuals to fill a few ‘job openings’, if you will. Take a few minutes to read the blah blah below and please do contact us if you are interested!

1. We like jingles and theme songs that embody the spirit of that which they represent. We’d like to have YOU submit one to be inserted onto the BTID monthly mix. We’re looking for something in the 30sec-1min range but we’ll entertain the notion of something recorded outside those parameters. This ‘job’ unfortunately doesn’t compensate the winner financially but it will gain you a bit of recognition and serve as a pretty cool resume bullet. Feel free to let your freak flag fly – we enjoy a good laugh.

2. What good is a mixtape without memorable artwork? It seems the visual side of the music package as a whole has been lost on the current convenience-over-quality digital age. We are looking for aspiring artists interested in having their work featured in our mixes. There is no scrilla involved in this deal but, again, it has the potential to increase your work’s visibility. We like spreading the word about all things good.

3. As was the tradition with the previous version of BTID, we cherish the opportunity to release free digital albums from artists we feel need to be heard by a wider audience. If you are in a band or running solo and you’d like to take part in the netlabel – contact us. Thanks to a grandaddy clause BTID currently has unlimited storage and bandwidth at its disposal compliments of our webhost – so the sky is the limit. All we ask is for the release/songs to not have been issued on CD or vinyl (unless self-released) and it must contain artwork. Not so bad, eh?

4. Lastly, we are looking for internet-savvy individuals to assist in front-page contributions whether it be general commentary, reviews, art/culture related news or amateur photographers.  There are no obligations or deadlines nor will you be limited to what you can cover as long as it pertains to the main ethos of BTID – which means we’re not interested in Britney Spears nipple slips or the new Kenny Chesney album. We’re assuming that since you are here reading this you probably already knew that.

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