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There happens to be a ton of music I’d like to point you towards this week. However, it’s mix week and I’m making all the necessary final cuts – expect it to be finished and posted on Thursday. I’m also working on our latest netlabel release which happens to be our first dip into the international scene (Sweden, to be exact). So I apologize in advance for the lack of insight below but I can assure you good stuff is on the way. Hopefully we can still be friends?

Fans of electonic bedroom pop should sally their behinds over to the Slow Receiver Records site where you can pick up a short, 4-song EP from the UK’s I Like Where I Live. I really hope there’s more where this came from tucked away in the creator’s sock drawer. If you happen to ignore my advice, ILWIL will be making an appearance on the upcoming mix.

DC’s multi-talented Michael Ocean has made his debut album, The Manual, available for download here. He claims his influences run from The Beatles to Radiohead but I can safely tell you he also fancies a bit of metal in his water as well. While you’re listening to the album I recommend checking out his other works of art which include essays, short stories and screenplays. Neat stuff.

A while back I had been searching for a relatively unknown album (C’mon Slacker) by an equally unknown artist called MJB. I probably read a review on Delusions Of Adequacy or perhaps in the Big Takeover. It was about 2 years later that the man behind the myth contacted me and offered to send a copy of the album at no cost to me. It was definitely worth the wait. Well, oddly enough I was doing a bit of link-hopping from some of my favorite record label sites and stumbled across Michael J. Bowman’s website. His latest project finds him working under the Velveeta Heartbreak moniker. I haven’t had the chance to listen to the Future Grot album that he is offering up to download but I’m betting you’ll find more of the trippy, lo-fi garage rock that existed on C’mon Slacker. He’s been at it since ’89 apparently so I’m betting there’s something valuable to be had in his latest batch.

Exit Stencil Records is slowly becoming one of the more notable labels to watch as of late- two great Dreadful Yawns albums in a row plus they’re home to This Moment In Black History – one of my favorite noise-mongering indie outfits. You can add the Spanish Prisoners to that list. They’re more or less the antithesis to TMIBH. You can expect a healthy dose of brooding vocals against a very mellow, haunting backdrop not unlike Songs:Ohia/Magnolia Electric Co. but considerably more glacially paced and sparse. You can grab their Los Angeles Guitar Dream EP here as a free download. They also have a Daytrotter Session available which, for some reason, I didn’t like as much as the versions that appeared on their lone LP, Songs To Forget.

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