Dark Mean – Frankencottage EP

Dark Mean come bearing tidings and joy from Ontario, Canada in the form of an exceptional 4-song EP entitled Frankencottage. Fans of BTID will know that I could pretty much listen to and enjoy anything employing a banjo. There’s healthy doses of it here though its only used as an accent so don’t pass this off as ho-hum alt-country or bluegrass by any means. DM manages to pack a great deal of melody and variety into these songs which is pretty much all you can ask for from an EP. The title track romps about like any number of your favorite new-wave ‘singles’. The move from this to the aptly-titled (and my favorite track) ‘Lullaby’ is ridiculously seamless…and beautiful. You can hear a resemblence to the Bishop Allen lads in the vocals – slightly off-key but charmingly familiar. And yeah, it’s yours to download courtesy of the band – provided you sign up for their mailing list. I have zero problems coughing it up – they promise a new EP by summer’s end and I want to be the first on board. Check out a video for ‘Lullaby’ below. Kudos!

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