Martha Kronholm/Collar City Records

It only seemed appropriate that a member of one of my favorite bands of the last few years, The Kamikaze Hearts, decided to tackle the undeniably trying task of firing up a record label. Labelhead Matthew Loiacono, whom you may recognize from BTID’s April mix, is onto something with his recent output on Collar City Records. Its no surprise to find releases steeped in the rootsy side of rock but Matthew’s not prepared to stop there in his selection process. A fine example would be Martha Kronholm’s (pictured above) I Lived In Brooklyn Too: Summer 2007 EP, offered up as a free download here. Fans of the rough-around-the-edges vocal delivery a lá Cat Power will definitely find something to keep on their iPod here. Check out the garagey freak-out vibe on ‘Private Jet’ or the soulful coo employed on ‘VCR’. I don’t know a whole lot about Martha (or her involvement in another project, Princess Mabel) but I’ll most certainly be keeping an eye out for anything she is involved with going forward.

While on the label site, do save some time to sample the other free mp3’s spanning the full girth of the Collar City catalog – especially the 2 songs from the last Kamikaze Hearts album if you are unfamiliar!

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