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(Justin Stivers of Pet Ghost Project)

Last week I was contacted by Justin of Brooklyn-based Pet Ghost Project informing me his latest band has made 2 brand spankin’ new albums available for free download on their website. You could paint me intrigued almost instantly when the bio hailed Neutral Milk Hotel, Built To Spill and Tortoise, among others, as influences. I’m sure most bloggers/reviewers see a lot of these 90’s indie powerhouses tossed around casually in band bios and press sheets as much as you see ‘NO TRANS FAT’ plastered all over your favorite potato chips nowadays. PGP more or less live up to these claims but in a slightly different, more mathematically abrasive way. Wordless Conversations is 36 minutes of meaty percussion, melodic sound collages and guitar theatrics. I almost instantly felt a Don Caballero or Oxes vibe on several of these tunes. I wouldn’t say this is as technical as those above-mentioned beasts of math but where there’s a lapse in brains there’s a shitload of melody to make up for it.

The second of the 2 releases, Idiot Brain/Genius Heart, is decidedly pop-centric and more in tune with the E6 collective and its subsequent spawn. The 7-minute+ opener ‘I Am Nothing New (You Are Nothing Special)’ not only sports a great title but expands on some of the noisy elements of Wordless with sun-drenched vocals and psyche freak-outs. ‘Wires From The Ceiling’ rips a page right out of the Rob Crow/Pinback playbook – mellow noodly guitar passages and moving harmonies. You’ll want to grab this EP just for this song alone!

There’s a ton of great ideas to be found here and boundless amounts of creative energy to flesh them out – and the best part about it is the band doesn’t want to set you back $20 to discover the goodness. I give these guys ‘the nod’. Below are direct links to the new albums and a stream of ‘Wires From The Ceiling’ taken from IB/GH. You can also sample/purchase the band’s first 2 albums over at CDBaby. Enjoy!


Idiot Brain/Genius

Pet Ghost Projectwires from the ceiling

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