Magnetic Health Factory/BS Busking + more

Not much is known about Portland’s Magnetic Health Factory even though I’ve been familiar with them for going on 7 years now. I recall first hearing about them in a review on the older (much better) version of Delusions Of Adequacy that heralded the band as worthy torchbearers of the Guided By Voices brand of lo-fi popsmithing. The band, primarily Eric O’ Connor and various friends crafting songs whenever they see fit, released Western Medicine just a few weeks ago and has apparently made it available to download on their website for free. I gave it a few preliminary listens and found that (thankfully) nothing has changed since the first time I explored their catalog (2001’s double-discer I Can’t Wait To Not Talk To You). Fans of the basement-pop DIY ethic will find much to love here. Grab Western Medicine from their sounds page as well as many other mp3’s running the span of their entire catalog. MHF also have a Myspace if you’d like to sample before downloading.

A few months back I linked to a Frightened Rabbit video I found on YouTube that apparently originated from the entertaining Bandstand Busking website. I didn’t bother to investigate the site any further at the time but I most definitely should have. BB features videos of musicians playing live versions in various parks around the London area, giving them the appearance of everyday street performers. The newest performer featured by BB, Fanfarlo, have slowly become a band to pay attention to thanks to several bloggers featuring them on their mixtapes recently. Many of my favorite artists have appeared on the Busking tour including Of Montreal, Asobi Seksu, David Karsten Daniels (an excellent raw performance!), The Acorn, Loney Dear and Gregory and The Hawk to name a few. I spent a solid hour or two the other day checking out some of the artists I was unfamiliar with – definitely something for everyone here. Dig it!

  • The Built On A Weak Spot May 2009 Mix is up and ready to download. You know you want it.
  • Last month I pointed BTID readers into the direction of the Musical Alliance Pact project. Just in case you missed it – 25 blogs from 25 different countries submit one song from a homeland artist and all songs are available for free download. I finally got around to sampling the April 2009 submissions and I was really impressed with the quality of music assembled. In fact, you will find 2 or 3 of the songs on the upcoming BTID June mix for sure. I bring this up because KAPOW! the May 2009 mix has been unleashed upon us. Can you tell I’m excited?

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