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I admittedly would have never had the chance to experience the sounds of The Enright House if it weren’t for their choice of name. Those of you close to me know my roommate’s last name is Enright (shout out, holla) and we frequently label our living quarters House Enright. It was a sheer coincidence that I stumbled across them but I’m glad I did. TEH primarily consists of Mark Roberts (Evan Svchaare joins him on tour) who now calls Chicago his home after spending several years in Europe and New Zealand. Mark characterizes his material as such:

“Sonically, my music is constructed from various materials: a passion for the derelict and broken, prolonged spells of depression and self-imposed isolation, a deep respect for classical music, a somewhat warped pop sensibility, and as much hope and idealism as I can muster on my better days.

Perhaps, as someone once suggested to me, it is a music best suited for rainy autumn-winter days, or for slitting one’s wrists, or for falling in and out of love and philosophizing about life, or simply for rolling around in your feelings like an Irish Wolfdog in the leaves of a forest park.”

I’m not going to argue with that. I haven’t felt this enamored with sad-bastard, electronic music since the debut London Apartments LP (reviewed here). There’s enough melody throughout to keep me interested but also a healthy amount of twists and turns for those needing a bit of a challenge. There are also a few mellow post-rock influenced moments, not unlike BTID favorites Epic45– see the 2 opening tracks on their sole LP, A Maze and Amazement. The Acoustic EP, Remixes EP and Cat and Bird split 7″ can be downloaded free from their Bandcamp page. Below are a few mp3’s and a video that should get you hooked, if you aren’t already. You can purchase their A Maze and Amazement CD over at CDBaby or digitally through the iTunes store. It comes highly recommended.

Darkwave = MC Squared

We Might As Well Have Stayed Young

Broken Hands

Visit The Enright House on Myspace or Facebook for more sounds and info.

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