Contest – Twitter/Tumblr Style

A quick note that there is now two new places for you to follow this machine. I’ve finally given in and joined the Twitter revolution. Follow me @btidmatt and you’ll find yourself entered into a contest which includes those 3 beautiful, brand new slabs of wax above – Sarah Jaffe Suburban Nature, The Appleseed Cast Two Conversations and A.A. Bondy American Hearts. If you’ve been downloading the BTID monthly mixes on a regular basis you should know how much I’ve fallen for the sounds of Sarah. When I ordered the vinyl from Kirtland Records they sent me an extra copy so that works out for the lucky one of you. I will be selecting a winner on Black Friday and notifying them via tweet. Good luck, y’all!

Secondly, in case you didn’t already know, you can now follow us on Tumblr. We’ll be using it to profile new vinyl releases with a more deliberate focus on local Philly artists. Posts will be a little infrequent at times unless you represent a band or label and would like to send wax promos. *wink wink, shake shake*


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  1. stephen

    if i was already following you on twitter am i entered? that appleseed cast vinyl looks awesome. i also enjoy ms. jaffe as well.

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