Fair and Balanced News – #2

Today will more or less feature a smattering of updates on news culled from my favorite e-haunts. I have quite a bit of notable free downloads in the pipeline but very little time to write about them – you should see another update before the weekend. In the meantime the following schwag should keep you busy.

1. Yewknee, my favorite blog for all things visual art related, has posted a new mixtape entitled Omission. There’s always a few notables in the playlist as well as a slew of unknowns to discover.

2. The curator of Flux-Rad has posted a 4-part series of mixtapes that documents her initial forays into music – aptly titled Where Was My Mind?. I can’t begin to explain how incredible her coverage of this period of hardcore/punk/emo is. I’m now motivated to slowly work on a project of similar magnitude. (Thanks to the above-mentioned Yewknee for the heads up…as always!)

3. Speaking of that hardcore/emo sound – Built On A Weak Spot pointed me in the direction of a live album download featuring the soundtrack to the movie 72 Musicians. It’s a film set to document the business of being a musician in the Kansas City/Lawrence scene. How can you not be excited to get your hands on live uncut tracks from Appleseed Cast, Coalesce, namelessnumberheadman + The Life and Times, to name a few! You will need to submit your e-mail address to get a link to the download but a small consolation I would think. In case you haven’t been paying attention – Jonathan has also posted his June mix here.

4. While I was not as impressed with the latest St. Vincent album, Actor, as I was her first, I still highly recommend checking out her Lake Fever Sessions. There’s no denying she’s an incredible performer and these videos are the next best thing to seeing her live. Feel free to check out all the other live sessions on the site when you are done. (via My Old Kentucky Blog)

5. It’s summer time again and that usually means almost every single band you love will soon be finding their way to a city nearest you. This also means a wealth of live shows captured by our friends at NYCtaper. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on the back catalog but I can assure you the Jay Reatard, Explosions In The Sky and Iron & Wine shows will all tickle your bootleg-loving fancy. I cried a little inside at not being able to see Jay Reatard play here in Philly on the 4th (I had prior engagements Jay, I swear!). I see he played many of my favorites so that magnifies the sting. Thanks to NYCtaper for cheering me up a little!

6. Lastly, I’d like to thank No Love For Ned for featuring the song How Are You from the At The Dinner Table EP on his 6-29-09 show. I’ve been a longtime fan (4-5 years?) of his weekly playlists and I’m quite excited to see he still tunes in to BTID. NLFN has always been an excellent source of new music – unfortunately RealPlayer (boooo!) no longer cooperates with my computer. I’d give anything to see his archived shows converted to mp3 format podcasts! (*hint hint wink wink*)

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