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A few months ago I started taking notice to several bands from the Serious Business Records catalog on various and sundry blogger mixes.  A little nosing about on the site yielded a link to a free downloadable label sampler. If eclectic, homegrown independent record labels bring you endless joy, Serious Business is your man (or woman – pick your poison). I’m not sure why I sat on this so long but I guess the fact SBR recently posted a free Benji Cossa single (don’t forget to grab this too!) cajoled me to pony up and inform the ‘masses’.  Almost all of the new label samplers I’ve heard lately have been pretty damn solid – this being one of my faves from the bunch. Stream a few choice cuts from the sampler below and be sure to visit their Myspace page to spread love and thanks.

Secret Dakota Ringthe fade to black

Lookergates of the old city

Jack and The Pulpitsdance area

Leo Blais has made an 8-song EP (aptly titled The Free EP) available through his website and iTunes. You’ll find fairly simple pop/rock songs that contain just enough sincerity and panache to not see me offended by the occasional slickness in production. I get the feeling that he’s aiming for a much wider audience – see his usage of the term ‘maxi single’, for example. During the finer moments of the EP Leo reminded me of Sean Nelson (remember Harvey Danger?) in his vocal delivery. Quick, Brushfire Records, snatch him up while you can!

I was first introduced to Philly-based Audible through their excellent split album with Swivel Chairs. They complimented SC’s knack for jangle well with their warm swaths of dreamy indie-pop. Unfortunately, the band continued to meddle in obscurity – even after releasing a split tour CD with Matt Pond PA and, subsequently, a full player on the venerable Polyvinyl Records. Thankfully these guys are still plowing forward like its nobody’s business with In Simple Intervals, released proper in May and available for download on their Bandcamp page for as little as .99 for the entire album. And if that’s not enough they’ve made the Weekend EP completely free. Sample an mp3 from their Sky Signal LP below.

Audiblesunday bell

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