How Do You Say, Uh, TVRBVL?

A couple weeks ago I posted a list of my favorite ’09 releases to date and perhaps you stared perplexingly at some of the selections squished between big guns like Andrew Bird, Mono, Phoenix etc. Really, what’s the point of a list without it causing any wonder or amusement? I’m betting TVRBVL (pronounced ‘tour-bull’) might have been one name in the group that caught your eye. If so, you’re in for a nice treat, compliments of the band themselves.

I first caught wind of theTVRBVLep while browsing new releases on CDBaby – a very old, beneficial habit of mine. It came recommended to fans of Sigur Ros and Clint Mansell – the latter striking a pleasant chord with me recently after the Moon soundtrack. The snippets on CDBaby are now, unfortunately, only 20-30 seconds long so it was hard to tell what was really inside the package. A full listen, however, yielded 20 minutes of cinematic, instrumental bliss. Each track ebbs and flows with delicate care before segueing into the next adventure. If I had to pick a truly defining moment it would fall around the 4:30 mark of ‘A Small Rock Holds Back A Giant Wave‘. The entrancing crescendo leading up to the pounding bassline really does sound like giant waves being handily repelled by immovable objects. I found myself enveloped in a near-utopian state while the band gently weaved its stories of hope and undeniable beauty. If you subscribe to any variation of post-rock or movie score movements you will need to hear this. My only gripe seems to be its brevity, which I don’t find myself saying much anymore.

Hear it for yourself – the two gentlemen behind the TVRBVL mask have made the EP freely available to the public here.

Visit the TVRBVL Myspace page to thank them.

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