Gratis: Or The Story Is In The Pingback

A few months ago I spoke highly of The Enright House and ‘their’ excellent A Maze and Amazement LP released ‘way back’ in 2007 and I even featured one song from the album on the June mix. The band put together a split EP with Wisconsin’s Pushmi-Pullyu (great name) back in April that saw a limited run of 100 CD-r’s on the MAM! record label. Once the label recouped costs from CD-r sales they made the EP available for download here. Highlights include Pushmi-Pullyu’s respectable cover of The Enright House’s ‘MC = Darkwave Squared’ and two slow-burning ambient tracks from TEH themselves. In case you dig this EP and weren’t paying attention the first time around – be sure to grab all the other free releases on The Enright House’s Bandcamp page. Lastly, the above-mentioned MAM! Records happens to be a netlabel offering up their entire catalog for download. I haven’t had a chance to scour the catalog but if this EP is any indication – there’s gems to be unearthed in those mines.

Occasionally I find myself daydreaming about how exciting it would be to have lived during the age of the Wild, Wild West. Cowboys versus indians. Sagebrush. Buffalo. Saloons. The musicians in the saloon playing background music for the shit-faced sheriff and his deputies. The Two Man Gentlemen Band are those guys – relentlessly weaving their ol’ timey tales of drunken shenanigans, pretty ladies and getting said ladies into their wagon of choice at the end of the night – all while the tension slowly mounts in the room before erupting into an all-out chair-busting escapade. If you find any of this in the slightest bit appealing you’ll need to download their latest LP, Drip Dryin’ With courtesy of the band and Serious Business Records. I’ll guarantee your ‘money’ back if you aren’t kicking your heels around the house and belting out ‘hey officer, did you like my offer, sir?’ much to the chagrin of your neighbors. Sample their vaudevillian good-times below.

The Two Man Gentleman Band – fancy beer

I don’t know a whole lot about Black Math other than the information laid out on their Myspace page but after sampling ‘Part Of Me’ (via) and loving it enough to put it on my August mix – I’d like to fill in the blanks. As you might have heard, these guys (and girl) specialize in dark, fuzzy new-wave. The 4 songs on their latest(?) self-titled EP (available for download here, courtesy of the band) would appeal to fans of Jesus and Mary Chain all the way up to the melodic nu-gazing sounds of Asobi Seksu.

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