Kalpana – Teeth On The Wheel (2009)

Back in 2004 I became acquainted with Kalpana via the excellent Metaphysics For Beginners compilation on Redder Records (R.I.P.?). The same label put out their debut Hors De Combat and if memory serves me correctly it featured a beautiful mix of Sonic Youth-inspired guitar progressions and minor-key ambience. I mention all this because they’re back with a new LP full of similar angles. The overall feel of Teeth On The Wheel is a little more subdued and, dare I say, prettier than Hors but it doesn’t lack in quality whatsoever. Oh, and the band is generous enough to make the album available for free (donate if you can!). Their Myspace says they hail from Brooklyn and Philly but I’ve sadly never seen them on a bill in this area. These guys can probably rip off some serious energy live. Sample a few tracks from both full-length LP’s and the This Dead Horse EP below.

Kalpana – don’t move
(taken from Hors De Combat)
Kalpana – this dead horse
(taken from the This Dead Horse EP)
Kalpana – disappointment, idaho
(taken from Teeth On The Wheel)

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  1. P.J. Hanley

    Holy shit! Thanks for the heads-up. The record is this week’s top play.

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