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The One AM Radio
have quietly built up a back catalog of worthwhile Galaxie 500-esque dream-pop. Their pairing up with Wind-Up Bird for a near-perfect split EP in 2002 more or less made me a fan for life. Readers who began tuning into BTID in 2004 might remember the band’s A Name Writ In Water was atop my ‘best of  2004’ list. I neglected their last album released on the venerable Dangerbird label in 2007 but while attempting to catch up I stumbled across the An Assembly EP of which the band made available for free download. You can get it here. If you are already a fan of The One AM Radio this is essential listening and it just might convert the rest of you.

The One AM Radio – Wheat & Chaff

Happy Family is a young man from Baltimore known as Will to his mother, not the crazy troupe of Japanese bandits from the 80’s/90’s. He deploys tuneful lo-fi aesthetics to his sun-drenched pop songs. You might recognize the name from an appearance on the August ’09 mix. Sample the song below if you forget and then QUICKLY grab the free EP it came from here. Thank me later.

Happy Family – Cups

It only seems appropriate that I cover a band from Athens after having recently returned from a week-long visit there. Je Suis France are one of those musical entities that continue to blip on my radar year in and year out but for some reason I’ve neglecting them other than the few offerings they’ve had on compilations and various and sundry mixtapes. Strange considering members of JSF also perform(ed) with Mendoza Line and Masters Of Hemisphere, two personal indie-pop favorites of mine. The Shitcraft EP is my first full-on intercourse with the band and its not smashing through any musical brick walls or anything but it’s free to download and worth a listen for the unacquainted. If you dig what you hear check back on their website once in a while – they seem to upload live shows and EP’s with some sort of regularity.

Je Suis France – You Take Too Long

Last on tap for this week’s ‘free music report’ is Reno, NV’s The Touques. They have kindly made their most recent EP release available here. I don’t know a whole lot about the Reno music scene or The Touques but this EP has an ominous post-punk feel to it with (dare I say) references to past and current Goth movements. The latter descriptive is typically not my cup of tea but I found this to be enjoyable at times. For example, see the sample track below.

The Touques – Roy Stampler

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