Special Monday Morning Tape – #32

Anders Parkercalling out to you
(taken from his 2009 release Skyscraper Crow)
Yeasayerambling alp
(taken from their 2009 release Ambling Alp)
The Rural Alberta Advantagedon’t haunt this place
(taken from their 2009 release Hometowns)
Final Fantasyultimatum
(taken from an upcoming 2010 release)
Sam Robertsthem kids
(taken from their 2008 release Love At The End Of The World)
The Handsome Familydarling, my darling
(taken from their 2009 release Honey Moon)
(taken from their 2008 release JapanPopShow)
Michael Zapruderads for feelings
(taken from his 2009 release Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope)
Richard Swiftthe atlantic ocean
(taken from his 2009 release The Atlantic Ocean)
Oh My Godmy own adventure
(taken from their 2009 release The Night Undoes The Work Of The Day)
Cold Cavetheme from tomorrowland
(taken from their 2009 release Love Comes Close)
(taken from their 2009 release Fate Unfolds)

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