Yer Foxy and Ya Know It

North Carolina’s The Sinful Savage Tigers have made their debut LP available for free (or donation..*wink wink*). Also available is a 2-song SST demo single and Seth Martin’s solo album, The How and Why. You can expect copious amounts of banjo, strings and beard-core. The band claims to be influenced by everything from Gram Parsons to Guided By Voices. Sign me up.

Seth Martin – drinks from rail
Sinful Savage Tigers – that spider and that moon between the pines

Not sure about the rest of Common Cloud’s output but this free release from Ragged Claws should warrant attention from BTID readers. I stumbled across Common Cloud after listening to RC‘s Daytrotter session a while back. I wasn’t initially impressed with the session but I did find the Sleepwalker EP much easier to warm up to. If back-porch folk and banjo is your thing…look no further.

Ragged Claws – heaven underwater

Virgin of The Birds has released part 2 of their 2-part free EP series on Abandoned Love Records. Some of you may remember the praise I heaped on Abandoned Love a few years back for releasing excellent albums by Capstan Shafts, Parker Street Cinema and Morning SpyVOTB is fueled by none other than Jon Rooney, Abandoned Love label owner and full-time member of Morning Spy.  Rooney’s strength on these releases lies in his captive storytelling and subtle instrumentation. It also helps that his vocals and styling share much in common with Dan Bejar (of Destroyer fame). Grab both Virgin of The Bird EP’s plus several other mp3’s from the Abandoned Love catalog.

Virgin of The Birds – ilona, you should still be my vampire attendant
Virgin Of The Birds – spanish accusations

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