November 2009 Mix

Disc One

1. Wake The President – something to turn up
(taken from their 2009 release You Can’t Change That Boy)
2. Wake The President – professor
(taken from their 2009 release You Can’t Change That Boy)
3. Mobius Band – true love will find you in the end (daniel johnston cover)
(taken from their 2008 release Love Will Reign Supreme EP)
4. Spoon – anything you want
(taken from their 2001 release Girls Can Tell)
5. Deastro – the shaded forests
(taken from their 2008 release Keepers)
6. The Rural Alberta Advantage – the ballad of the raa
(taken from their 2009 release Hometowns)
7. Chapman & Brocker – the hearth
(taken from their 2007 release Dance Of The Crazy Man)
8. A Sunny Day In Glasgow – passionate introverts (dinosaurs)
(taken from their 2009 release Ashes/Grammar)
9. History At Our Disposal – bed of leaves
(taken from their 2007 release Symbols In The Architecture)
10. Brown Recluse (Sings) – night train
(taken from their 2008 release The Soft Skin EP)
11. Brilliant Colors – motherland
(taken from their 2009 release Introducing)
12. Damien* – confidants
(taken from their 2009 release Crippled Cute)
13. Loney Dear – airport surroundings
(taken from his 2009 release Dear John)
14. Vision Of Trees – purest colour
(officially unreleased)
15. The Shivers – african passport
(taken from their 2009 release In The Morning)
16. 6 Day Riot – so you’re a writer
(taken from their 2009 release Have A Plan)
17. Dark Dark Dark – robert (daytrotter)
(taken from their 2009 Daytrotter Session)
18. The Bicycles – what a fool
(taken from their 2008 release Oh No, It’s Love)
19. Pomegranates – southern ocean
(taken from their 2009 release Everybody Come Outside)
20. Telekinesis! – coast of carolina
(taken from their 2009 release Telekinesis!)
21. Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez – mostly a friend
(taken from his 2008 release Why Is Bear Billowing?)
22. The Balconies – serious bedtime
(taken from their 2009 release The Balconies)
23. Odawas – farewell (daytrotter)
(taken from their 2009 Daytrotter Session)
24. Fleet Foxes – english house
(taken from their 2008 release Sun Giant EP)

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Disc Two

1. Big Troubles – freudian slips
(taken from their upcoming 2009 release)
2. Hush Arbors – for while you slept
(taken from their 2009 release Yankee Reality)
3. Foreign Born – vacationing people
(taken from their 2009 release Person To Person)
4. Magoo – it’s not going to stop
(taken from their 1997 release The Soateramic Sounds Of Magoo)
5. Tan Dollar – tan dollar
(taken from their upcoming release Your Body As A Temple)
6. The Drums – submarine
(taken from their 2009 release Summertime!)
7. The Rural Alberta Advantage – the deadroads
(taken from their 2009 release Hometowns)
8. Sebastien Grainger – american names
(taken from his 2008 release American Names EP)
9. Hallelujah The Hills – classic tapes
(taken from their 2009 release Colonial Drones)
10. The Thermals – now we can see (acoustic)
(taken from their 2009 Laundromatinee Session)
11. Wavves – no hope kids
(taken from his 2009 release Wavvves)
12. Le Loup – beach town
(taken from their 2009 release Family)
13. Adam Arcuragi – lunch in field four
(taken from his 2009 release I Am Become Joy)
14. The Big Pink – dominos
(taken from their 2009 release A Brief History of Love)
15. Candy Claws – starry fighter kite
(taken from their 2009 release In The Dream Of The Sea Life)
16. The Tallest Man On Earth – shallow grave (daytrotter) (bob dylan cover)
(taken from his 2009 Daytrotter Session)
17. His Clancyness – ottawa backfired soon (early)
(officially unreleased)
18. Drummer – mature fantasy
(taken from their 2009 release Feel Good Together)
19. Birds & Batteries – summersalts
(taken from their 2008 release Nature Vs. Nature)
20. Chapman & Brocker – anniversary party
(taken from their 2007 release Dance Of The Crazy Man)
21. Noah and The Whale – my door is always open
(taken from their 2009 release The First Days of Spring)

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