The Wiggly Tendrils: Tendrils In Space

It goes without saying that every time word of a new Wiggly Tendrils release hits the streets my hearing aid senses crackle with anticipation. TW Tendrils (Conor, to his mother) hinted at something special a few months ago regarding spaceships and NASA and contests. Considering I’ve always been a closeted space-time continuum/Schrödingers cat/dark-matter kinda guy, the aforementioned anticipation begat nervous energy. So it pleases me greatly to present to you one of the most talented musical collectives performing songs they wrote in hopes of making the cut to be played for the astronauts on the final Endeavor space shuttle launch. On Feb. 14th a panel of judges will narrow down the over 1300 submissions to a shortlist which will hopefully undoubtedly contain at least one of the tracks from Tendrils In Space.

So don your jet-packs and boost yourselves over here to grab a neatly-packaged zip file or, if you prefer gravity boots, stream/download the individual tracks below.

01. The ParentsThe Human Adventure

02. D.E. HealeyTop Of The Morning

03. Sabertooth ManBlue Osiris

04. Daytime LightsBouncing Around The Moon

05. RachelintreesWake Up And Smell The Space

06. B.T. NookTerrestrial Pioneers

07. T.W. TendrilsThe Engineers, The Lovers and The Loons

08. The PotlucksIn The Morning

For more details including lyrics and credits see the official release page (there’s also a Bandcamp page). Additionally, you should visit the WT website to request a song via e-mail or phone and download the entire back catalog.

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