ZOMG 2010

A new year means it’s about time for a few news updates and happenings here at BTID headquarters. I don’t have any wholesale changes to announce thus far other than I would like to add 2-3 more writers to the ‘staff’ this year. I struggle with the concept of other people contributing but I’ve come to the conclusion that variety adds color and character to the routine. The bandwidth usage for BTID in December was the highest its ever been – a whopping 250gigs worth! This means more people are tuning in and I’m very excited about this so I will do everything in my power to keep the ball rolling here. Features like the Monday Morning Shuffle, Mini-Beats and monthly mixes will continue. I would, however, like to add more actual commentary than I have in the past like interviews, full-on reviews and industry essays.

Last week I posted my favorite albums of the past decade and it was met with mixed reviews. I received several e-mails that either called me out or praised this/that selection. I intend to continue updating this list as I see fit – this will include links to mp3’s and commentary so please check back on occasion. There will be a link to it over thar’ in the sidebar shortly.

And lest we forget…2009 was a pretty solid year for music. We needed it. That ‘best of’ list is on the way, maybe as early as this coming week. I’ll be spending a little time listening to choice selections from other respected blogs’ end of year lists before I finish up.

I’ve been ‘threatening’ to release 7″ vinyl pressings of all the BTID netlabel releases and this will indeed come to fruition this year, I promise. It’s only a matter of when (and artist permissions pending, of course).

Speaking of the BTID headquarters – I will be moving in a few weeks so if there is a temporary lapse in posting, I blame this.

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