February 2010 Mix

artwork by the seemingly infallible Stephen Smith

Disc One

1. The Soft Packc’mon
(taken from their 2010 release The Soft Pack)
2. Yo La Tengohere to fall
(taken from their 2009 release Popular Songs)
3. Shearwater black eyes
(taken from their 2010 release The Golden Archipelago)
4. My Gold Mask violet eyes
(taken from their 2010 release A Thousand Voices EP)
5. The Magnetic Fields you must be out of your mind
(taken from their 2010 release Realism)
6. Here Here trainwreck
(taken from their 2007 release The Boy With An Orange)
7. Yuck georgia
(taken from their 2010 split 7″ release with Herzog)
8. Phantogram when i’m small
(taken from their 2009 release Eyelid Movies)
9. Brazos my buddy
(taken from their 2009 release Phosphorescent Blues)
10. Spoon got nuffin
(taken from their 2010 release Transference)
11. Strand Of Oaks end in flames
(taken from their 2009 release Leave Ruin)
12. Sharon Van Etten love more
(taken from her upcoming 2010 release TBD)
13. Local Nativesworld news
(taken from their 2010 release Gorilla Manor)
14. Midlakerulers, ruling all things
(taken from their 2010 release The Courage Of Others)
15. Andrew Cedermark hard livin’
(taken from his 2009 split 7″ release with Family Portrait)
16. Coolrunnings burnout
(taken from their 2010 release Coolrunnings)
17. Field Music each time is a new time
(taken from their 2010 release Measure)
18. Fred Thomasflood
(taken from his 2007 release Flood)

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Disc Two

1. Surfer Bloodtake it easy
(taken from their 2010 release Astro Coast)
2. Galleries underground overground
(taken from their 2010 release Galleries EP)
3. Postdata paranoid clusters
(taken from their 2010 release Postdata)
4. Basia Bulatthe shore
(taken from her 2010 release Heart Of My Own)
5. The Bevis Frond early riser
(taken from their 2000 release Valedictory Songs)
6. Field Musicmeasure
(taken from their 2010 release Measure)
7. James Blackshaw river of heaven
(taken from the 2006 release Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 2 compilation)
8. Tjutjuna collider
(taken from the 2010 split 7″ release with Fissure Mystic)
9. Shearwater castaways
(taken from their 2010 release The Golden Archipelago)
10. Man/Miracle hot sprawl
(taken from their 2010 release The Shape Of Things)
11. MiniBoone funny money
(taken from their 2010 release Big Changes EP)
12. Yeasayer mondegreen
(taken from their 2010 release Odd Blood)
13. Sam Doores when i’m out in the wind
(officially unreleased)
14. Eelslittle bird
(taken from his 2010 release End Times)
15. Broken Bellscitizen (removed by request of band and label)
(taken from their 2010 release Broken Bells)
16. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Wheel you should have seen the other guy
(taken from their 2009 Daytrotter Session)
17. The Life and Timesque sera sera
(taken from their 2009 release Tragic Boogie)
18. The Album Leaf summer fog
(taken from their 2010 release A Chorus Of Storytellers)
19. Yuck automatic
(officially unreleased)

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