Under The Rug

I’ve grown a little tired of my current aggregator (Bloglines) so my switch to Google Reader means I’ll need to clean out some notable links before assimilating to the new digs. I’m not sure if anyone else using Bloglines noticed its gradual decline in performance the past few months but there were several RSS feeds not being read, leading me to believe that some of my favorite blogs had been inactive. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to research so if there are any readers out there faithful to their current program, please do chime in. So far Google Reader seems to be solid in performance and layout. You have Bloglines to thank for the serious linkage below. Enjoy!

All-things-music-design-art blog, Yewknee, has posted several mixes since we last spoke. You are already familiar with some of his song selections thanks to my pilfering them for my own usage on the monthlies. Don’t leave without grabbing The Grip and Good Pollution and Sad Songs, Not Waltzes and finally, the obligatory Best of 2009 mix. Just in case you’ve really been asleep this whole time – Yewknee Records has also released 4 albums since I last covered the Uncle Skeleton LP. They can all be consumed freely by clicking on the number tabs at the top of the page. My favorite of the bunch, Slowmotions, was featured on BTID’s January mix.

Not to be outdone but two of my other favorite mix curators, Paige from Flux-Rad and Jeremy Okai Davis have 2 recent mixes each – She Was A Vision & Strangled By The Radio and What’s Done Is Done & Move Around respectively. These are all excellent primers for discovering new sounds for yer ears. Praise be to Michael @ Yewknee for the initial heads-up as always.

Connor @ I Guess I’m Floating blog posted an excellent Winter ’09 Mix a while back featuring several of my favorite artists of the year. The mix definitely contains a fine balance of powerful and graceful tunes to gear you up for this cold and wet winter thus far.

There aren’t as many posts over at Sixeyes as we’d like these days but occasionally Alan drops his own batch of hand-picked tunes to satiate our need for sounds. His most recent posted on Feb. 15th is top-notch – not like it’s ever otherwise. i also really enjoyed his 6-volume Christmas mix set. You can still grab all of those to store away until the next holiday season. It’ll be here before you know it..

Holy pop glory! – a ridiculously informative article about the Elephant 6 Collective, drummed up by Jeff from Optical Atlas.

More Americans than you think are still stinging from Team Canada’s gold medal beatdown in olympic hockey – let Line Of Best Fit’s 8th installment of Oh, Canada ease your pain….a little.

Byrdhouse always has a knack for smooth underlying melodies in their song selections for the CHIRP mixtape series. Download the latest: Winter ’10.

Hopefully now that I switched away from Bloglines I won’t miss an entire month of posting from Built On A Weak Spot. Jonathan’s February mix is up for grabs here.

The latest Musical Alliance Pact compilation is available for download. I never want to see this concept die. And in case you missed January’s edition – BLIZOW!

Last, but not least, a completely ukelele-fied version of Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – front to finish. You should know its one of my very favorite records of all-time. In fact, you can find some of the cover art inked on me. It goes without saying that I would not post about this if I didn’t think there was a good bit of merit to be awarded. It’s quite endearing, doesn’t try to overshadow the original album in any way and Madeline Ava knows her way around a ukelele. If you dig this check out her other albums available for free on the CLLCT site.

Madeline Ava – Holland, 1945


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  1. you got a nmh tat? flying phonograph is one of the very few things i would consider inking myself with.

  2. Oh totally. I have the ‘tambourine head woman’ and ‘her son’ from the front cover on my arm.

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