Special Monday Morning Tape – #41

Born Ruffians – sole brother
(taken from their 2010 release Say It)
Sam Quinn & Japan Ten (ex-Everybodyfields) – suite motown
(taken from his 2010 release The Fake That Sank 1,000 Ships)
Absofacto (of Mason Proper) – gnat years
(taken from his 2010 release Absofacto)
Miles Kurosky (ex-Beulah) – an apple for an apple
(taken from his 2010 release The Desert of Shallow Effects)
The Seven Fields Of Aphelion
– mountain mary
(taken from her 2010 release Periphery)
Damien Jurado – arkansas
(taken from his 2010 release Saint Bartlett)
Shannon McArdle (ex-Mendoza Line) – summer of the whore
(taken from her 2008 release Summer Of The Whore)
Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose – knife
(taken from their 2010 release Bridge Carols)
The Tallest Man On Earth
– king of spain
(taken from his 2010 release The Wild Hunt)
Yarn Owl – bicycle
(taken from their 2010 release Stay Warm)
Japandroids – darkness on the edge of gastown
(taken from their 2010 release No Singles)
Dr. Dog – stranger
(taken from their 2010 release Shame, Shame)


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3 Responses to Special Monday Morning Tape – #41

  1. Nice mix! Keep up the good work, I’ve found out about a ton of bands from your mixes.

  2. JH

    Hey friendo, check out the Daytrotter session for a much much better version of Sole Brother.

  3. Jason

    Bring back the direct file download links!

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