The Binary Marketing Show

I stumbled across The Binary Marketing Show back when you could separate new releases by genre on CDBaby. Not that I’m a classification Nazi by any means but the selection of new age and hip-hop was unquestionably less than desirable (still is). It took all of a few 30-second clips to make me want to devour anything I could get my ears on.

2009’s Pattern, a diverse exploration into wind-swept melodies and varied instrumentation, was my introduction to TBMS and ended up being one of my favorite LP’s of that year. I also described it as an inspiring collection teeming with weirdo-pop, sunshine fixes and tribal beats and featured the simply special ‘Fear’ on my December ’09 mixtape. The duo, consisting of Abram Morphew and Bethany Carder and hailing from Brooklyn, have somehow eluded widespread, blogospherical success and that’s a shit-bag of shame. But really, nothing I wax poetic about is going to serve up any justice to the wholesome goodness of their entire catalog. The band was kind enough to share their latest release with me so dig into a few tracks I culled from that (and a few others) below and scour their voluminous Bandcamp page for more. They’ll be playing a house show at The Mitten in West Philly on 3/1 and I’m totally sure it’ll be electric but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it.

RIYL The Books, The Microphones, Fog, any number of your current favorite chillwave crushes

Tromping Through The Valley Of Impending Doom (from 2007’s Destruction Of Your Own Creationpay-what-you-want download)

Wellbeing (from 2007’s Destruction Of Your Own Creationpay-what-you-want download)

Shape Of Your Head (from 2009’s Patternpay-what-you-want download)

Blue Glass (from 2011’s Because Of This, This and This)

Don’t Bother (from 2011’s Because Of This, This and This)


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