I Let’s Can, Magic Man

Boston duo Magic Man have made a serious case for my favorite free download of the year with Real Life Color. I likely wouldn’t have heard the album if it weren’t for the excellent Millionyoung Sunndreamm EP, also available for download on the fine Arcade Sounds Ltd. record label. I threw Real Life Color on my iPod and it kept me moving through an entire Saturday morning cleaning binge. My every movement was enveloped in subtle glo-fi noodling and electro-pop melodies. Quite recommended for fans of the fairly melodic side of the newly-coined chillwave genre or *coughPostalServicecough*. Check out a few sample tracks below and then head over to the Arcade Sounds download page to grab Real Life Color, Sunndreamm EP and the yet-to-be-listened-to-but-probably-also-awesome Memoryhouse EP.

Magic Man – South Dakota
Magic Man – Monster

Philadelphia native, Erik Schmall, has been working on a new project with long-time friend Ben Magnuson called I Let’s Can. You may remember Erik from his adventures under the prolific, lo-fi Woody Whatever moniker. The 5-song Regular Day EP can be downloaded from their Bandcamp page here – gratis or through donation.

I Let’s Can – Don’t Think About It

Unless you’ve been down in a hole you’ll recognize the name Woody Whatever from the Big One Shout Out EP release on the BTID netlabel. Erik is currently working on remastering several of his releases, BOSO included. Sometimes I feel like I’m severely deficient in promoting artists I represent through the netlabel so here’s a GREAT excuse to download and listen to Big One Shout Out if you haven’t already. Also recommended (and donation-based) from the band’s back catalog are the new-ish System Off, The Great Pop and When I Lost I Left albums. Gidyap!

Lastly, before I head out to the much-anticipated Swearing At Motorists house show in Fishtown (review and pictures to follow….) I wanted to point out a few music-related blogs/sites I’ve been into lately.

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