A variety of news items have piqued my interest lately so this post will mainly be clearing out the ‘starred items’ in my Google Reader. Posting may slow down for a bit over the next few weeks as I will be shopping for new wheels very soon – my last set met an unfortunate end last week. And, sadly, it happened on the way to the A Sunny Day In Glasgow show at the Kungfu Necktie. Thank you NYCtaper for giving me this as a consolation prize.

I’m never going to quit typing about how painfully under-appreciated NY’s Hussalonia is – the machine has dropped it’s 31st release and it’s of exceptional quality if you like his more pop-centric albums like Percy Thrills Hussalonia or Beautiful Dry Cleaning By. Check out one of my favorite tracks from the EP below and expect to see another song on the upcoming April mix. Also, for any newcomers – BTID released a Hussalonia EP waaaay back in ’05 on the netlabel – peep it.

It wasn’t too long ago that I raved about the live I Need Sleep experience. The band gave away their debut album for free and now they’re doing the same with Fun Tunnel, their latest ‘musical’ birthing. Never one to eschew insanity INS will cater to those interested in assaulting their central nervous system with mad, schizo noisebeats. For the record – the band now marches about under the Bald Eagle Refugees moniker.

BLIZAM!a new Built On A Weak Spot mix, fools. Lurrrve the Crownhate Ruin track and keep on the look out for Jerusalem And The Starbaskets. Solid.

The BTID netlabel is now a member of the CLLCT family! CLLCT is a Creative Commons community where musicians and music-lovers alike share their music freely amongst their peers and the whole of the internets. I wrote about Madeline Ava’s and her rendition of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea not too long ago and enjoyed it – so I intend to explore several albums that have already been recommended to me via other members of the collective. I will slowly be adding past BTID releases to the ever-growing CLLCT catalog (1476 releases as of today….).

Speaking of free stuff and communities and awesome – I had totally forgotten about the voluminous and informative Free Albums Galore blog. I was a huge fan before I slipped off the blogosphere radar a few years back. The premise is simple – every day, a free and legal album with a bit of commentary. The variety of genres is what will keep me coming back. Plus I try and focus BTID’s reviewing efforts on free releases as well so I feel like we’re sister sites. It’s been under new management for a few years now but Marvin seems to be chugging along rather effortlessly. Dig it.

Attention all worldly BTID readers – the new Musical Alliance Pact compilation is available. You will be hearing a few songs on the upcoming April mix if you choose to ignore this. I think the group has added 2 more countries these past few months for a total of 36 altogether. Awesome.

Lastly, I will be calling upon the local Philly music community for contributions to a compilation with donated proceeds going to a local chapter of P.A.L.S. If you are a part of Philly’s burgeoning scene and want to help please contact us ASAP. I will be posting more definitive ideas and contacting artists directly sometime in the next few weeks.

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