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It seems like I haven’t been writing much lately and that has a lot to do with a personal commitment to spend more time with books, art, movies and my record player. I have a tendency to take a look at the Mini-Beats section and my RYM page and question just how much I am enjoying the act of listening to music as opposed to critiquing a particular album. Don’t get me wrong, this has been an above-average year for music thus far and I will be commenting a little more about that sentiment in coming weeks (via the obligatory ‘halfway-through-the-year’ list, for starters). Sometimes obsessive music junkies need to take some time to round themselves out. The recent lack of words aside, I hope y’all are enjoying the Monday and monthly mixes as well as the bi-monthly mini-reviews pieces. More love goes into these features than most people would imagine. Next month’s mix will feature artwork from Cody Hoyt as well as the unveiling of BTID‘s very own theme song. Bitchin’ stuff, friends. In the meantime do take part in some of the happenings around the weeb, discussed in short detail below. Also of note, I recently updated the local Philly shows page and the Clickities (links) section over thar on the right. Lastly, due to popular demand BTID mixes dating back to November 2005 can now be streamed as well as downloaded in their usual zipped fashion. I’ve been loading players for each mix slowly but surely. Yeah, I love you guys too.

The Yewknee tree of magical mixes bears yet another crucial fruit for our listening pleasure by way of For Reference Only. We have Michael and Paige (below) to thank for the awesome Sensual Harrassment track on the May mix.

The album-releasin’ side of Yewknee presents the sixth installment in their catalog – Slowmotions’ Square Piggy/Round Holly, a release of surprisingly good b-sides/leftovers from the Quick Potions sessions. Both albums are free to download so wipe that guilt off yer face.

A new mix from Jeremy Okai Davis entitled The Brightest Minds. Recognize the Royal Bangs track?

“Listen to this shit, fuck your girlfriend, thank me later. Viva new wave. Viva rock n roll.” – Paige Maguire

As if you need any more reason to make you want to download Friend Of The Night.

The May edition of the Musical Alliance Pact is ready for consumption. The U.S. is represented by the genre-busting Sleigh Bells duo.

I’m a smidge late (as always) when notifying all the noise-niks about the latest Built On A Weak Spot mix. I’m thinking it will be live for another week – I’m not sure why you would wait that long to grab it anyways….

Lo! it’s a new CHIRP mix. It always feels like an eternity passes between each one.

Rounding out this post’s batch of bitchin’ mixtapes is Royal Rhino Flying Records’ The Queens Jew compilation. You’re already familiar with the Borrowed Beams Of Light track via this past Monday’s morning tape. Former That Time Of The Month representatives Visions Of Trees, His Clancyness and Cloud Nothings also make an appearance. Its yours para gratis digitally but I’m betting the CD version (with artwork by Jheri from Get Off The Coast) is going to be well worth the $7 asking price. (Thx WGWB)

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