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It is once again that time to clean out the Google Reader and post about all the recent news that’s piqued my interest. If you happen to be attending the Frightened Rabbit show at the Webster Hall in NYC tonight – say ‘hi’.

The indie-pop powerhouse Eardrums has finally released their Between Two Waves compilation and its a doozy. It is a collection of 40 songs/collaborations, vivid artwork and song descriptions all laid out sharply in an expansive PDF. The amount of work put into this release is insane…and appreciated! I’ve not yet made my way through the entire set of songs but I will post streams of a few favorites I’ve heard so far below. If you are new to the label/blog scoop up all the previous compilation releases here. They’re in a league of their own.

Peacock Dreams – peacock dreams
Kubot – t

It would seem that the indie music world has been plagued with sudden tragic passings lately – Jay Reatard, Vic Chesnutt and now Devon Clifford, drummer for You Say Party! We Say Die!. Clifford collapsed onstage as a result of a brain aneurysm last week. I wouldn’t consider myself a long-time fan of the band but they did make an appearance on the December 2009 BTID mix – so that makes them a permanent member of the extended BTID family in my books. Read more about Devon here.

I have the Musical Alliance Pact to thank for my initial exposure to You Say Party! We Say Die!the April 2010 edition is ready for consumption. New to the concept? Read some kind words printed about it in the Guardian here.

I gently name-dropped Stratosphering a few weeks ago and this time I’m going to give this lad more appropriate props. Snatch up Patrick’s first two contributions to our mixtape-curating universe – the hazy, summer jammin’ Vol. 1 and the meatier, more bombacious Vol. 2.

I sadly agree with a lot of what Chris Weingarten has to say in this video of a recent speech he gave at a conference which essentially calls out a good portion of the music blogging community when it comes to originality, integrity and, well, superficiality. This might be old news to some but it had just been brought to my attention this week. (Thx Juliet) Hopefully I am not personally guilty of the crimes that Chris lists as enemies of the state of music.

On the flipside – an intriguing Flavorwire article covering 40 reasons to be excited about music. A few of these I have yet to experience.

Musical Family Tree has posted their April mixtape covering artists from their (expansive) local Indiana archive. I’ve downloaded/discovered a shit-ton of artists from this site so I have no problems recommending this to download even though I have yet to run through it. Former That Time Of The Month representatives Mysteries Of Life, Impossible Shapes and Gentleman Caller all make an appearance here.

The newest edition of The Line Of Best Fit’s ongoing Oh, Canada mixtape series is go.

Paige from Flux-Rad has strung together a new mix of bitchin’ tunes entitled I Saw Your Face. I agree – that Here We Go Magic single is sizzlin’! I was not a fan of the debut at all but I can’t wait to dig into his new LP.

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