Mini-Beats – June 2010 – Edition 20

Black TambourineBlack Tambourine (2010, Slumberland) (re-issue) ♥♥♥½
-seminal wall-of-sound fuzz-pop from D.C.; re-issued with several bonus tracks-
Dan DeaconWoof Woof EP (2010, Amazing Sounds) ♥♥♥
-one original single and 3 remixes from the Bromst album; not too much variation here but if you welcomed the direction he took on the LP like I did. you’ll like this-
Admiral FallowBoots Met My Face (2010, Lo-Five) ♥♥♥
-Scottish broodsmiths that immediately make you think Arab Strap or Frightened Rabbit with their blend of folk and crescendo-filled mope-core-
CocoRosieGrey Oceans (2010, Sub Pop) ♥♥♥½
-was never a big proponent of these ladies but this is a surprisingly eclectic and interesting affair-
Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiBefore Today (2010, 4AD) ♥♥½
-the so-called pioneers of chillwave; their ‘major’ label debut yields one great song and a bunch of skewed oddball pop that’s all over the place, but in a not-so-good kinda way-
Trips and FallsHe Was Such A Quiet Boy (2010, Song, By Toad) ♥♥♥
-a somewhat indescribable group of songs from Montreal; imagine a ridiculous pairing of Karate/Geoff Farina and um, Magnetic Fields?-
Hooray For EarthMoMo EP (2010, Dovecote) ♥♥♥
-this started off pretty strong but fizzed out at the end; fans of  Yeasayer or chill synth sounds in general will find a little to chew on here-
The FranksDuh EP (2010, self-released) ♥♥♥½
-10 minutes of spry indie-garage like Art Brut and the like; available as a free download here
Sleigh BellsTreats (2010, Mom + Pop) ♥♥♥♥
-half of these tracks were already embedded in my head from here and there; it took a few listens for me to realize I will likely not hear anything like this all year; hard to believe there’s Poison The Well lineage here…-
CarrotsCinnamon Park EP (2005, Grabaciones En El Mar) ♥♥♥½
-indie-pop from Spain featuring the syrupy title track and two versions of the splendid BTID favorite One, Two, Three, Love
EFMourning Golden Morning (2010, And The Sound) ♥♥♥½
-their 3rd LP continues their tradition of mild-mannered post-rock done well; RIYL Hammock, Saxon Shore
Mark McGuireVacation Days (2010, Wagon) ♥♥♥
-instrumental drone type stuff that focuses on guitar; Mark’s been around for several years under different incarnations-
La StradaNew Home (2010, Ernest Jenning Recording Company) ♥♥♥½
-not as raw and impressive as their Daytrotter session but this eclectic, Brooklyn-based outfit has a good chance to make some waves with this LP-
Horse FeathersThistled Spring (2010, Kill Rock Stars) ♥♥♥
Justin Ringle’s vocals will always keep me coming back to anything he appears on; the songs themselves aren’t as strong as previous efforts but still worth a few listens; RIYL Jamie Barnes
She & HimVolume 2 (2010, Merge) ♥♥♥
-another collection of easy listening ditties that center on Zooey’s vocals; the actual feel and flow of the album is a drastic improvement over the forced delivery on the debut-
Electric LitanyHow To Be A Child & Win The War (2010, Inner Ear) ♥♥♥½
-atmospheric, dream-pop primarily based in Greece that reminded me of recent Antlers; I could see fans of Jeff Buckley digging this as well-

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